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The number 6.

Well it’s official – I’ve been in Vancouver for 6 months!

As of September 6th I will officially lived in Vancouver for 6 months. Tonight was a beautiful Vancouver evening so I put on my shoes, grabbed my shades and did one of my most favourite things in my neighbourhood – head out out for a walk. I wanted to capture the places around my neighbourhood that I’ve come to love since arriving here 6 months ago. So in the spirit of the number 6 – I’ve decided to reflect on my top 6 favourite places/things I’ve found over the past 6 months.

#1 – The Treehouse

I remember the first day I flew into this wonderful city – caught a cab – and landed on this front door step with my two bags in hand and had absolutely no sweet clue where I was or where I would be where I am today. It took me a mere three days to feel comfortable here and I know how fortunate I am to have found this place and the people who live here.

When I first arrived here at 2215 this path was made up of stones – we recently had the path paved and I wrote this into the wet cement so that even after I’m gone others will come and go as I have – and will feel welcome just like I did.

Just one block away is this gorgeous tree covered walk way that looks literally like it’s come out of a movie. I could honestly see myself walking up and down this pathway for years to come.

#2 – Whole Foods

Call me a dork – health freak – foodie – ridiculous – but one of the most exciting aspects about living where I do is that I’m only 9 blocks from my front door is a Whole Foods (or Capers)! For those of you who don’t know what Whole Foods is – it’s a grocery store that is full of all healthy, organic, fresh foods chalked full of clean eating food! I actually hate grocery shopping (shocking I know) but I love shopping at Capers.

#3 – Coffee

Best part about where I live is the abundance of delectable coffee on every corner, more specifically 49th Parallel. If you know anything about me (which if you are reading this I’m assuming you do!), good coffee is essential to my entire being. Give me a book – sit me in this coffee shop – buy me a non-fat latte and you’ll have found the key to my heart.

The staff are wicked, the atmosphere is amazing and look how cute it is!

Not to mention how amazing the coffee is.

#4 – Kits Beach

The one thing I forget to appreciate and complete take advantage of is the fact that Kits Beach – one of the best beaches in the entire world (actually) – is a 15 minute walk from my front door.

There are ALWAYS people at the beach – playing volleyball, basketball, running, sun tanning, BBQ-ing, eating at the Boathouse Restaurant, reading, enjoying each other’s company and even sleeping – at any point of the day.

Not to mention I’ve worked at this beach, layed in the sun for entire afternoons, sat in the sand reading a book, watched fireworks surrounded by thousands of people from the sand and the most amazing aspect above all else – watched the incredible sunsets countless times.

You can see English Bay and the West End from here as well – how beautiful is this?

I remember when I was watching the leaves on the trees grow and it feels like I’ve blinked my eyes and now they are already falling to the ground…

This is one of the most amazing points I’ve come across since exploring this neighbourhood… I always walk back here just to get a look at the incredible view.

#5 – The Parks and active lifestyle

Rosemary Brown Park might be tiny, might only have 2 swings and is barely used, but I love it. Whenever I’m there I feel like it’s my own private green space. Not to mention I have a new-found love for city parks… I’m not biased or anything…

One of the main reasons I moved to Vancouver was because of its above average active lifestyle. Vancouverites are conditioned from a young age to be active – its in their blood! With a mix of warm climate, active choice of past-time activities and the social-aspect of sports and activities, I came here to become immersed in one of the most important aspects of my life. I need to reach my personal fitness goals and if I am ever going to do it successfully – it’s going to be in Vancouver. Wait until you all see me at Christmas ;)

#6 – The streets

This is one of my favourite street corners – the corner of West Broadway and Vine. I love this corner for a few reasons – one that the coffee shop is basically the type of coffee shop (almost exactly) as I see myself owning in the future – and secondly the condos that are in this building are completely incredible!

I love my street. It’s so private but feels so lively at the same time.

 I feel like I’m walking home every time I come to the corner.

Oh, I have to mention I’ve eaten a whole lot of oatmeal…

Met a bunch of great people and eat a lot of wonderful sushi.

Just to think… only a year ago today I had just graduated from MSVU, moved back into my parents house while I decided what my next step was going to be in life and the idea of moving to Vancouver was just a pipe dream… If anything, these past 6 month just go to show that anything is possible in life.

If I can make a big move like this, start from nothing and leave everything in my life behind to follow my dreams – you can too. I don’t regret anything in the past 6 months – except maybe not moving here sooner. I’ve experienced so much in my last 6 months, have grown unbelievably as a person, fell into the life I dreamed about, learned a lot about myself and can’t wait to see what the next 6 months will bring.


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Halifax Bound!

I’m heading to Halifax in T minus 4 hours! It’s weird going home so soon after just getting here (almost) 3 months ago – but I’m SO EXCITED! Not only am I going to a very good friend’s wedding – but I am so excited to see all of my wonderful friends (you are most likely one of them if you are reading this)!

I’ve had a busy and great week (exciting details to come…) – but most importantly I LOVE VANCOUVER! I was fortunate enough to be downtown watching the Canucks game 5 when they won – sending them into the Stanley Cup playoffs! The feeling and atmosphere of the downtown core was INSANE/AMAZING! I have no words to describe the feeling of pride and unity amongst the crowd.. I’ve never seen so many happy people (20,000) together randomly in my entire life.

Looking onto Granville St. from Smithe St.

Forecasting for the real thing?

Random music being played and danced to in the middle of the street!

I took a video so you could get an appreciation of the atmosphere on the down town streets! (The quality isn’t the greatest but it gives you an idea!)

I love being in a city that has hockey pride. It’s nuts when you walk down the street on a game day and you see business men and women wearing Canucks jersey’s under their suit coats…! It allows for an amazing sense of unity for the citizens of Vancouver (and all of BC!) – I’m so glad to be apart of it… especially because they are winning! The night they won people from all over flowed out of their homes and bars into the streets to celebrate with one another. Random people were hugging and high-fiving strangers and every single person had a smile on their face – A guy even drove by me while I was waiting for the bus on a motorcycle and high-fived me!

 If only happiness came this easily on a daily basis… imagine what the world we live in could look like.

 Other than that I’ve been busy working, working, working out and more working! I had the pleasure of meeting with my friend Alex for sushi this week – and it was in-cred-ible (Did I mention how much I love Vancouver sushi?).

Sushi Pizza anyone? SO YUMMY!

Mmm… avocado, spicy tuna and chopped scallop rolls to share!

I’m into my last week of Insanity… and have missed a few days here and there but am so proud of myself to have gotten this far through it! I plan to (hopefully) keep up with it everyday while I’m home… but will be easy on myself for all the hard work I’ve put in so far. I believe in staying completely focused on your goals… but not to be too hard on yourself. Everyone needs to relax and have fun – just make sure to get right back at it! It’s all about living a balanced lifestyle!

What do you do to stay balanced?

Off to pack and jump on a plane I go – see you soon Halifax!

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