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Social Media 101: Beginners/New to Social Media Workshop

Have you finally accepted the fact that social media has changed the way we communicate? Have you realized that without social media, you are missing out on a huge chuck of profit/success from your target market? (personal awareness and positive brand awareness also qualify under success!) Do you feel overwhelmed with where to start?

If your answer is yes to most of these, you are already leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors – good for you!

Since arriving in Vancouver, I’ve not only hugely expanded my network base, but I’ve gone from z-e-r-o contacts to over 350 twitter followers (and counting)! I was lucky enough to come across a meet-up and began to start connection with the owner of We Make Stuff Happen, Jonathan Christian – a business support and social media specialist. He’s incredible at establishing your business’s value and finding the solutions to whatever you need to make stuff happen and be successful.

I decided that I would go see what this Social Media 101 workshop was all about and it became quickly apparent how useful and valuable this course was for business owners. By the time you leave the day-long workshop you will be fully set up on Google Places, have your own Facebook Business page, Twitter account, YouTube Channel, LinkedIn profile and make some useful connections while you’re at it! Sometimes you just need a little 1-on-1 time and explanation to make things easier to understand and apply. I have no doubt that this course is worth every single penny!

Check out the course video:

For complete information about the one-day course check out the We Make Stuff Happen’s Learn Stuff page!

The next course is coming up next Thursday, May 12th and Jonathan has asked me to help him out and be there to teach and support the workshop attendees! If you are looking for all the social media information you need to get your business on the social media map – you need to come!

What is your biggest struggle with social media? If you have any questions please contact me or Jonathan!

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Guest Blog Post!

Happy Thursday!

Do you know what today is (and no not “April 28th”)? It’s the Canuck’s first game in the second round playoffs vs. Nashville, one day away from the Royal Wedding and the day I was featured in the Marketing Dangerously blog!

First thing’s first! Jonathan from We Make Things Happen asked if I wouldn’t mind being featured on his and Neil Godin’s, The Marketing Dangerously Social Media Challenge Blog – and I said of course not! Check out the post:
Today’s Challenge: Use social media to enter a brand new market!

Social media presence is vital when it comes to business success – if you are in need of some guidance check out Jonathan’s great course on Social Media 101 – > HERE. Trust me it’s worth every penny and perfect for newbies! I went through it so if you have any questions feel free to contact me!


William and Kate: The Royal Wedding!

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I know there has been a lot of hype about the Royal Wedding and annoying or not – I’m excited :) We are experiencing a moment in history so we might as well soak it all in. FYI coverage starts at midnight PST – so I’m probably going to watch some before I sleep and catch the replay once I wake up. If you want to follow the Royal Wedding you can watch it live on The Offical Royal You Tube Channel and for you tweeters you can follow @BBCRoyalWedding or @royalweddingcnn.

 On a personal note, these past few days have been insanely busy for me! I feel overwhelmed with the amount of call backs and opportunities that are starting to fall into my lap. It’s time to weigh the pros and cons of each opportunity and persue the ones that I feel will be the most beneficial for my career (and sanity!).

Time to get some work done, get Insane (aka. workout with Insanity) and watch Game 1!

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