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Let’s set the world on fire

After my extended blogging hiatus – I’ve been inspired to start blogging again! I’ve been reading and receiving more comments about my blog and the inspiration people have been gaining from reading my posts – so I thought there’s no time like the present to get back to it!

Let’s back track a little bit…

Incase you missed it, my contract at the Park Board corporate communications office reached its budget limit last week.. and although I was sad to leave, a new opportunity presented itself to me in purely immaculate timing. I just started as the Communications Assistant (and the only communications person might I add) at the Britannia Community Services Centre (<- part of my job is working with the staff to ramp up their website including content and consistency!) reporting directly to the Executive Director.

Although I was slightly overwhelmed at the thought of how many challenges and issues I am going to encounter over the next few months, I’m also excited and grateful for this opportunity to prove what I’m made of. I know this is my time to shine and prove that I am a good PR practitioner and I’m not just going to sit back in an entry-level job – I’m going to charge ahead in my field! All I know is that coming to Vancouver I set myself a goal of getting work for at least one year, and I’m right on track (even though I’m technically doing a different job with different objectives and working at a different location – it’s still under the same umbrella).

Not only is this a great opportunity for my career at this point in my life… I’m working at a community services centre. This means I have a pool, rink, fitness centre, classes, recreation, lots of community events literally in my office – and I get to communicate about them to the public. If this challenge isn’t right up my alley – I’m not really sure what is. I can’t get much closer to my dream job without actually working in the fitness centre! This song has been inspiring me lately:

Besides it being sickly (in a good way) perfect for me, it’s also in a really amazing part of the city – The Drive. If you know anything about Vancouver, you know that The Drive is the exciting place to be – even with its sketchy rep. It’s loaded with a fun eclectic mix of businesses from specialty stores, vegetable markets, eateries, organic food stores, restaurants up the ying-yang, used to be called “Little Italy”.. oh and did I mention the coffee?! Amazing coffee for cheap – everywhere.

Most importantly, I’ve been doing great with my fitness and still working out 5 days a week. I’m going to continue to workout like I have been over the holidays, but once I get back from Christmas in Halifax, you better believe I’m going to get right back to it and start hammering out my goals… running, swimming and lifting and kettle bell training anyone?

I want to be a strong & lean fighting machine! (<- you love the tackiness)

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe – then you will be successful. – Eric Thomas

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