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What amazing feats did you accomplish last week?

Friend: “How was your week?”

Me: “Well (pauses to think), ummm… amazing, actually now that I think about it, pretty amazing.”

Hold that thought…

Before I get to why this past week has been so great, I have to voice my apologies to those who follow this blog (the handful or two haha). In recent months I’ve found myself not exactly uninterested in writing, but have simply chosen to spend my time soaking up reality versus glued to technology. Spending time with friends, teaching and working out at the gym, reading and just being disconnected… in order to be more connected to my life.

It’s one of those problems us Gen Y’s face on a daily basis. Be connected, create content and share your life socially… but be careful not to be too connected.. or create too much…or share too much.. where are we supposed to draw the line?! It’s a fine line and for those of you who have mastered it, kudos to you. For those of us still searching.. don’t give up!

Switching back to this past week…

If you’re new to The PR Life, you should probably know the my day job consists of working in a high-stress, work-with-a-constant-sence-of-urgency, media relations/crisis focused, PR agency. It’s great and I love it, don’t get me wrong – but I often care too much about my job… I know, hugeeee problem to have right? Some days when you have five upcoming deadlines (three of which are past-due), three clients emailing you with requests that need attention immediately (all of whom are made to believe and feel like they are our only client of course) and a call that a crisis is just about to break for another client… you may experience your pulse start to race, your head spin and your chest tighten because you have no idea where to start.


Okay, this may have been a tad of an over-exaggeration. The five-deadlines are usually only two… but everything else is legit!

As tough as this can be, it’s all worth it when your client’s story (that you conceptualized, wrote and pitched to the assignment editor) makes the front page of the local newspaper you secured the day before. It’s worth it when your colleagues are just as excited about a two-minute radio interview, as you are (even if the client really doesn’t understand how hard you worked as a team to make that happen). And, it’s worth it when you send over a coverage report to a client and their minds = blown. That’s amazing.


Now let’s jump to spending quality times with friends, social commitments and second jobs.

*Raise your hand if this describes you.*

Greattttt – we’re all over-achievers. Glad we settled that. So imagine this: you see a tweet a few weeks past from a local woman’s entrepreneurial-philanthropic networking group saying: “only ONE spot left for our next all-male-staffed, hottest-bar-in-the-city, event!”

My reaction: Well, I haven’t been to a networking event in a while… and I’d have to go alone (#getuncomfortable)… sign me up!

Two weeks later I find myself chatting with a lovely young lady who I had the pleasure of meeting once over coffee nearly a year ago. We were catching up and she was telling me all about her new exciting job (which she loves) and when someone joins the conversation and asks how we know each other she jumps in “Amanda was the reason I quit my job, changed my career goals and found something I truly love. She basically changed my life.”


Me: Ughhhh… what?

So that’s not awkward or anything to the person we just met. I’m sure they were thinking “Who the hell is this girl?”

Not only that, but the friend who insisted this girl chat with me – also met up with me this past week for a catch up. Funny enough, her and I had a similar conversation this past fall. She too decided at that time to quit her job, take time to re-align herself with her passions, travel the world and come back to land an incredible new opportunity of a job (seriously mind-blowing, congrats again lady – well deserved)! She told me that a large part of her decision was because of our conversation about being passionate about everything you do in your life. Through that conversation, she found courage to take the leap.

I am simply humbled.

Okay, let’s really talk about second “jobs”

I used quotations because my second job is really not something that I consider a job. I consider what I do with my personal time actually a gift.

How I got so lucky to find such a supportive, driven, motivating fitness community still baffles me. Over the past eight months I’ve been training at a functional fitness gym called Element Athletic. I fortunately was thrown into it while taking my kettlebell certification back in March of last year and immediately realized this place was exactly what I had been looking for, for years. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by motivated, friendly, go-getters who enjoy kicking their own butt just as much as the next person?


That’s what I thought.

As of recently, I’ve been given the opportunity to put my ass-kicking motivational teaching style to the test. Again, I’ve been blown away by the support, excitement and acceptance from my peers (many of who can out-burpee and out-pullup me like pros, I might add) – who are thrilled to get some female instruction into the already wicked culture.

Although they are appreciative of my whip-cracking motivation, I am more appreciative of the opportunity to lead such awesome, hard-working, fitness nuts (I say that in the most like-minded, endearing way of course.. as I’m one of them)! I feel selfish in some regard because the motivation, contentment and positive energy that I get out of the entire experience is something unequivocally amazing.


So this is all great, right?

Right… so why, when my friend asked how my week was, was I about to start complaining about things I still haven’t achieved or that I still can’t do a pullup (I’m working on this and I have a plan that I will be posting about soon – check back if you want to do it with me!) or start talking about where I envision my career in three years? WHY? Because I get too wrapped up in constant pressure to do more, be everywhere at once and be further in life than where I am now. All this stress, for no reason.

I am grateful for my friend’s question because he reminded me the importance of reflection. Reflecting back to those experiences and aspects of life that make you happy is something so important that often gets overlooked, but is immensely valuable for your mental state.

So, when you’re feeling stressed or as if you have bitten off more than you can chew – think about how many tasks you accomplished in the past week. How many hurtles did you clear? How many people did you help inspire?

I bet know it’s more than you think.

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Introducing PR Life!, the TV show!

I’ve recently found out about a brand new Canadian reality show premiering Saturday, January 5, 2013 – that hilariously enough is called PR Life!

The show documents the lives of 2 of Canada’s youngest PR professionals, Mo and Mariam, who just happen to be brother and sister. The duo own a private PR firm called Can Public Relations and for the first time ever they allowed cameras into their lives for this reality series.


Who knew when the producers were scooping out it’s online presence would stumble across my own personal brand: The PR Life?

They recently contacted me asking if I’d be interested in doing an interview with one of the cast members to feature on my blog. Being the PR professional I am, I knew it would be great to feature something fun on my blog – so here I have for you, a little snapshot about the upcoming reality show PR Life! with one of the show’s stars: Mo.


Amanda: Why is the show called PR Life! and who came up with the idea for the TV show?
Mo: We couldn’t really think of a better name that would best describe our show and our lives then PR Life! and the exclamation mark is there for a reason! The decision to allow cameras into our personal lives was really a mutual decision between my business partner Mariam and I. It’s crazy to say we’ve been doing PR for close to 8 years, and throughout our career we have collaborated with and come across numerous influential television producers, who have always been intrigued with our work as a brother and sister duo operating a private celebrity PR firm. When we signed our latest talent WICKER band for development, we considered an opportunity that came knocking.

Amanda: So I heard you and your sister are business partners, what’s that like?
Mo: Our personalities are completely different and often times it works in our favor because we do balance each other out. But It’s not always easy.. especially because sometimes we do live together when we’re working on special projects. I think working together with someone full time and then living/traveling with them can be somewhat challenging.

Amanda: The season premiere is tomorrow (Saturday Jan 5 2013), what can we expect?
Mo: We are all super excited for the premiere because its a small preview to who we are and the beginning of our journey on PR Life!

Amanda: How did Miss Universe Canada [Samantha Tajik] join the cast?
Mo: Samantha has been a friend for sometime, and she’s done a lot of television and promotional work as Miss Universe Canada. So it was certainly an asset to have her as the bands (WICKER) Artistic Director.

Amanda: Is there something you are not looking forward to with this series?
Mo: Frankly speaking there were a lot of personal moment/conversations that took place during production, I’m still unsure about how I feel about sharing that with millions of Canadians. As for specific scenes, I have only seen bits and pieces so I will be glued to my television every Saturday with my fingers crossed..

Amanda: The name is awfully close to my blog… have you visited my blog before?
Mo: No. But when our production associate told me about this interview, I certainly checked it out and was really intrigued by your posts. I really enjoyed the lifestyle theme!

Amanda: Tell us something about you we’d never find out on the show!
Mo: My favorite snack is frozen gummy bears. try it.

Check out PR Life! Saturday mornings at 9am on TvTropolis.


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