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SeaWheeze Half Marathon: Round Two!

A few days ago I received this in my email inbox:

seawheeze email

After crushing last year’s goal of running my first half marathon, I was hesitant to run again because I hate running in the heat. But, if you know anything about me – I love a physical challenge! Last year it was hot, really hot, towards the end (and that was only a little after 9am!) so this year I’ve learned a few lessons that I know will help me this year.

2013 SeaWheeze tips:

Tip #1: Be prepared for heat. Wear very little clothing – trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Tip #2: Carry water on you. I didn’t train with water last year and I regretted it immensely when I hit the 15km mark. This year I’m buying a water belt!

Tip #3: Don’t change ANYTHING on race day. Make sure that you are 100% comfortable with all clothing, footwear and assescories you have on you. The only thing I wish I would have done differently here was fine tuning my play list a little better. I have a tendency to let my mind wander if I’m not feeling the music.

Tip #4: HILL TRAIN! If you take anything from this post, make sure you run the Burrard Street bridge and up West 4th to the lululemon store and back over the bridge. This was tough last year in the sun, I’m definitely going to do some practice runs over the race course – especially this league.

Tip #5: Have fun! I have many more friends running the race this year so I’m looking forward to doing some training runs with them. Go to the pre-race expo, get there early and do the group warm up, enjoy the after race brunch and go back to the yoga and concert to end the day!


It’s true that this is technically a race – but when it comes down to it, training for any kind of competition, test, presentation, performance – it’s all about enjoying the path to the race.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, but don’t cheat yourself either. Train hard, race hard!


2013 SeaWheeze goals:

1. Finish in under 2 hours. Last year (my first ever half marathon!) I was aiming for 1:50-2:00… and I crossed the finish line at 2:08.

2. Don’t stop. I let myself get overwhelmed towards the end of the last race and ran/walked the last 3 km – that will not be the case this time!

  There’s no backing down now! it's go time

Are you running the 2013 SeaWheeze? What are your goals for the race?


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I Runcouver: lululemon half marathon

Guess what?


GOAL: Run a half marathon <- SQUASHED!

(I may have been hosed down after running cross the finish line… and it felt great!)

And no half marathon would be complete without the infamous race medal!

This past Saturday, August 11th, 2012 I knocked yet another goal off my bucket list: #2.2: Run a half marathon.

A while back I heard about this funnily named half marathon called the SeaWheeze, being held in Vancouver by none other than lululemon and knew this was my chance to tackle this goal so I began running. Prior to this training, I hadn’t even run a 10km race let alone even considered a 21.1km race! I love short, intense workouts where you give your all out max in quick short bursts for maximum results… basically I only ever used to run sprint intervals – these are MUCH different than teaching yourself how to pace run. But, I set myself this goal and the timing was right so I held myself to it and now, months later, I’ve successfully achieved it.

I did training runs with multiple close friends, but when it came time to actually runt he race, I was going in solo – so I hit up the SeaWheeze facebook page and found another runner also looking for a starting buddy!

It was so great to go to the run expo and have someone to start off with – thanks for the support Brittany!

How cool was the start and finish line?

I was aiming to do it anywhere between 1:45-2:00, but half way through I felt a little queasy and it set me back a few minutes. According to the sportstats chip reader, my chip crossed the finish line 2:08:51.8, from when it started! Even though it was a few minutes over my goal time, I have to admit I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished.

I’m now in the half marathon alumni club and I even have the medal to prove it :)

This video is a beautiful depiction of how the day felt:

Thank you to all my friends and family who encouraged me to not give up and gave me the confidence to achieve this daunting goal!

Now, onto the next challenge… I’m thinking lifting, pushing, pulling and pressing heavy weights – anyone have any suggestions for me?


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