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Just wait for summer…

I was thinking about it today and when I lived in Halifax I could probably count on one hand the number of big festivals that would be going on in the city every month… Now take that number, times it by five and that might be how many festivals are going on in Vancouver every week! When I first got here in March every single person I met asked me how I liked Vancouver so far and I replied I loved it! And how did they respond you might ask? “Oh just wait for summer, you haven’t seen anything yet. Vancouver is AMAZING in the summer – you are going to love it.” Every time I met a new person they also said the same thing and I just thought people really loved summer here. Well, I didn’t truly understand what they were all talking about…until now.

I took the following pictures to illustrate (feel free to follow along and imagine yourself doing these things with me):

Sunday morning’s always start off on the right foot when you go to a FREE yoga class at lululemon

A casual stroll by the Robson square artisan’s market (apparently there is an ice rink here in the winter time!)

Kitsilano Farmer’s Market (no weekend is complete without a stroll through a farmer’s market!)

Welcome to Greek Day!

Master chefs working hard:

We really wanted authentic chicken souvlaki…

So we waited…

For over 30 minutes… for this:

Verdict? Totally worth the 45 minute wait + $6.5 dollars. Hands down.


Apparently I forgot what standing outside in the sun for long periods of time can do to you…

That’s going to hurt tomorrow. Note to self… always wear sun screen!

Now that we’ve seen today’s fun events. We now add a little of this:

Mixed with a whole lot of this (not at the same time):

and copious amounts of this:

Summer Vancity 2011 is right on track!

Since I never actually post pictures of me here’s what I look like (in case you forget):

And this is only the beginning of summer 2011… :)



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One Saturday Morning

Saturday morning is most definitely my favourite time of the week!

For as long as I can remember Saturday morning bliss has been some of my favourite memories. It all started way back when I would get up early to watch “one Saturday morning” cartoons! Does anyone else remember how amazing it was? I can still remember the theme song in my head :) As I got older Saturday mornings consisted of meeting friends for shopping or going to the beach – and now turned into early morning workouts, coffee shops, markets and lunch dates.

There’s something about getting up early, working out and having the entire day to do WHATEVER I want! On that note- I had one of those amazing mornings this morning! I got up early this morning to meet a friend of mine and bus downtown to the gym at his work .. To do Insanity! It’s so awesome to workout with someone who has the same drive and ability (ok so maybe he had the upper hand because we did a deluxe workout that I don’t have!) and wants to push themselves to the extreme :)

After we worked out (I can already feel it in my arms and back!) we grabbed some chocolate milk and headed back home through the city. The best part about this was that it was raining and since I was already sweaty – the rain felt amazing! I got some groceries and as I was walking home it started absolutely down pouring. So what did I do? Let it pour on me as I walked home.. My jacket needed washing anyway. Even better- every single person I passed smiled at me as they walked or drove by. Why? Because I was enjoying getting drenched and in some twisted way I think they realized that and it also made them happy.

Last night Faith and I met for dinner and a movie downtown. I love hustle and bustle (especially the after work drinking crowd!) and the vibe on the sunny Friday was so cheerful. As we were taking the bus home we saw a guy who was physically challenged (both of his arms were missing) and he was on the bus alone – heading somewhere with a backpack. It really made me think about how fortunate and lucky I am. I have so many good things in my life and it reminded me to truly appreciate every little thing in it. It’s not perfect- no one had the perfect life- but it’s mine and I get to choose what I do with it.

What do you appreciate about your life?

My favourite part of the entire evening was walking home with Faith along one of the main streets. We hit up chapters (our favourite store in the world), shoppers and a little cafe – then passed this cute little flower shop that literally made us stop in our tracks.





Now I’m drinking a latte at my favourite coffee shop and blogging from my iPhone (I love that I can do this so easily!).


I love the point I’m in right now in my life at this exact moment. I’m starting to get used to my city, getting adjusted to my job (and am SO excited for what is to come with it), working out and eating healthy and appreciating every moment of it. Even though I feel like I’ve already achieved so many of my goals, I’m setting bigger and better ones already. The funny thing about goals is – once you achieve them you just set new ones and the process starts all over again!

Most of all, I feel like I’m starting to find myself and be comfortable with me. I don’t know what’s in store for me next, but all I know is it’s going to be good, really, really good. When you are comfortable with yourself there’s no stopping your potential for greatness.

Whatever it is that you want to do – do it. Set that goal, plan your route and work your butt off for it.


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