Just wait for summer…

I was thinking about it today and when I lived in Halifax I could probably count on one hand the number of big festivals that would be going on in the city every month… Now take that number, times it by five and that might be how many festivals are going on in Vancouver every week! When I first got here in March every single person I met asked me how I liked Vancouver so far and I replied I loved it! And how did they respond you might ask? “Oh just wait for summer, you haven’t seen anything yet. Vancouver is AMAZING in the summer – you are going to love it.” Every time I met a new person they also said the same thing and I just thought people really loved summer here. Well, I didn’t truly understand what they were all talking about…until now.

I took the following pictures to illustrate (feel free to follow along and imagine yourself doing these things with me):

Sunday morning’s always start off on the right foot when you go to a FREE yoga class at lululemon

A casual stroll by the Robson square artisan’s market (apparently there is an ice rink here in the winter time!)

Kitsilano Farmer’s Market (no weekend is complete without a stroll through a farmer’s market!)

Welcome to Greek Day!

Master chefs working hard:

We really wanted authentic chicken souvlaki…

So we waited…

For over 30 minutes… for this:

Verdict? Totally worth the 45 minute wait + $6.5 dollars. Hands down.


Apparently I forgot what standing outside in the sun for long periods of time can do to you…

That’s going to hurt tomorrow. Note to self… always wear sun screen!

Now that we’ve seen today’s fun events. We now add a little of this:

Mixed with a whole lot of this (not at the same time):

and copious amounts of this:

Summer Vancity 2011 is right on track!

Since I never actually post pictures of me here’s what I look like (in case you forget):

And this is only the beginning of summer 2011… :)




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2 responses to “Just wait for summer…

  1. Wendy

    Amanda you look beautiful!! Im so glad you are loving it in Van, miss you a heck of a lot lady <3

  2. Jacquie

    Looks like you are having a blast out west! The city looks beautiful and so do you <3

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