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Top five moments

I was inspired today by someone talking about a “top five moment.” You know, those moments in life where you feel like the world has stopped completely. The moment that you can’t imagine anything ever being that perfect, incredible, amazing… and never want it to end.

The moment where you feel like you are on a high, but your senses are 100% alive and you are present in that moment. Have that feeling yet? I can definitely say I’ve experienced a few of those and decided to share them. I know I have an awful memory so I’m recording these moments for me just as much as for you – I hope you can appreciate them as much as I do.

1) Seaplane

On my first weekend in Vancouver, I decided to go visit a friend in Victoria. I’d been in Vancouver for a total of 4 days and decided I might as well figure out how to get to Victoria – there’s no time like the present! So without knowing anything about the transit system I figured out how to get from Vancouver to Victoria for less than $20! I loved the city and when it was time to come back I could have either taken the 5 hour, bus-ferry-bus-skytrain-bus route home… or I could hop on a small 10-person seaplane and fly there in 30 minutes. I chose the obvious choice and let me tell you – it was breath-taking. It was right at sunset on an evening that you couldn’t even see a cloud in the sky. The islands, the ocean and the sunset reminded me of something from a movie – it was magical and an experience I will never forget.

2) My parent’s 25th wedding anniversary

Two years ago my parents were approaching their 25th wedding anniversary and I was ina great place in my life to be able to plan them a surprise party. With the help of my aunts, brother, grandparents and many, many family friends, we made that night one for the record books. I don’t remember when it was, but I realized at a very young age that the love my parents had for eachother was rare. So many people in their lives look at them as being unspreable, having a love that most people will never experince in life – and it was that moment I realized that I was extremely lucky to be raised by such loving people.

At one point in the night I looked around at the people who chose to spend their time with all of us, I felt overwhelming happiness like it was a blanket hovering over the room, I could feel the authinticity beaming through everyone’s smiles and could hear the exciting joy in everyone’s voices – at that moment I felt something that is literally indescribable.

3) Achieving the unachievable

Remember way back in May when I did this crazy/awesome lululemon video? Well the whole situation was surreal. I couldn’t believe that I’d gotten to where I had with the video and that they actually CALLED me to come in for an interview. Even though I wanted the job just as badly as I wanted to breathe – I was walking to the interview on a beautiful Vancouver day and I realized at that very moment that the entire process and effort I was putting into the situation was actually all about getting the interview. It wasn’t really about getting the job – that would have been a perk of the whole thing. That moment walking to what I know now to be the experience that came before my real opportunity.

I will never forget that moment of achievement and growth that I saw in myself. I knew that day that I can have anything I want because I’m capable of achieving it.

4) Running my first 10km race

I believe that you can achieve anything when you really want it – and running is no different. I’d say that running has to be hands down the hardest activity you can choose to do in terms of starting somewhere in fitness. It’s mentally challenging, physically tough and indescribably amazing once you achieve your running goals. It’s goals are not large but tiny. The smallest amount of time you can shave off your last PR or the smallest distance further your can run without stopping is what motivates runners to keep going. The fact that you can run 2, 5, 7 km and keep doing it faster and going further is exactly why runners run.

On April 15th, 2012 I ran my first 10km race. I had run 10km before but hardly, and it wasn’t nearly as important as that run. I had aimed to run it in under 50 minutes… but clocked in at just over 53, and even though I didn’t hit my goal – I gave it my all that day and no matter what I’m fortunate I was able to make it that far.

Funny enough, I just ran a 10km last night and did it in 45:57 – too bad I couldn’t do THAT on April 15th. Either way, every mile run is impressive and as long as I’m able to do so, I’m going to keep training and beating my records.

Next Goal? Lululemon half marathon in under 2 hours.

5) TBA.

The best years are yet to come! I’m working on this last one, and I’m leaving it blank so that when the time arrives, and it’s as amazing as I’d hoped it to be you will know.

What I’ve learned and constantly believe is that life changes continuously – you need to be able to see the positives aspects in defeat, change your perception and be adaptable in life. You can plan all you want, save up all the money in the world but the world won’t stop spinning during those tough times. Planning is important – both in the short term and in the long term, but if you work hard, be grateful and open-minded – success will come into your life.

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The Grouse Grind 2012


The Grouse Grind opened for the summer season this year earlier than last – on Saturday, May 19 and when Jason asked if I wanted to go today to kick off the season – I couldn’t say no!

Even though it was rainy we hiked to the top attempting to beat out own personal goals (mine being 50 minutes) – but missed it by 4.5 minutes :( I ended with and official time of 54:32 (<- time to beat!) and funny enough we both definitely thought we were going to make in in under 50. We thought wrong.

It was tough, but now gives us a new challenge for the summer :) Grouse Grind PR here we come!

Have you ever climbed the Grind? What’s your personal best time?

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May 21, 2012 · 2:15 pm