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Don’t be surprised…

If I move to Paris and work in a coffee shop

Life is short – might as well live what you love.

I knew I took french immersion back in high school for a reason…

I’ve been way to comfortable these past few months – time to shake things up again. Stay tuned friends…

What would you attempt to do if you could not fail?

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I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post, but I felt like there’s no better day than today to share what’s been going on lately!

I have been keeping busy with work (major events are finally over), volunteering (into week 4 of the Welcome to my Life program), working out (completed my 12-week Body for Life program!), enjoying having nights and weekends to spend walking (and driving) around Vancouver, drinking copious amounts of coffee… oh and going on a few dates!

Things have truly been going great… but I feel like I’ve hit a roadblock!

What kind of roadblock? The kind that I have no idea where I might be in 4 weeks with my job, I need a new fitness goal to work towards and I feel like I’ve lost some of the drive I came to Vancouver with. I think I’m getting a bit too comfortable in my job and have put some of my goals on hold. This is my time to do the things I’ve been wanting to do and unfortunately for me – this means putting myself on a budget.

I told myself that if my job gets extended I will send my car out to Vancouver… and that I will. Other than that, I will only give myself limited spending money and plan my meals so I don’t absent-mindedly spend cash everywhere. Time to start being frugal with my money! This means I buy fresh ground coffee and brew it at home. No more buying lunch out (I can save money and eat better) and as soon as volunteering is over (it knocks 3 things off my bucket list – can you pick out which ones?) I will face my fears and enter the big bad scary world of crossfit.

Until then, I’m going to enjoy myself and not get stressed out over the little things I know I cannot control.
Things always work out.

Things will work out.

A few of my friends who know me the very best have been telling me to focus and plan like I always do. It’s what helps keep me focused, motivated and driven to achieve the big things I know I’m capable of. Time to pick my goals back up and head full steam ahead! Things don’t just happen by themselves, they happen when you think positively and work hard to achieve them!

What have you been putting off lately?


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