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Fitness Goal: Certified Kettlebell Instructor

Big news! I officially passed the Level 1 Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor Certification!


It was a grueling 17 hours of training – but I learned so much in that short period of time, it was incredibly useful.

Day one:

The first day consisted of Shawn going through the two-handed swing, the one-handed swing, the clean, the clean and press, the snatch, the windmill and a bit of the turkish getup. It all ended with an insane workout… if you’ve been introduced to any extreme kettlebell circuits before… you’ve probably experienced it.

I won’t give it away if you are going to do it because its better if you don’t know ahead of time. It sucks. Big time.

Day two:


We started with the jerk (not in the final test), more of the Turkish getup and proceeded to refine all the other skills that were touched upon the day before.

Even though I worked my butt off, ripped my hands open and focused on nothing else but perfect form and giving it all I had – I know now there’s still so much more for me to learn than I imagined before.

I’ve obtained the skills to help teach others how to effectively use the kettlebell as a training tool.. but more importantly I’ve learned that the level of fitness I aspire to – requires much more than the ability to swing a kettlebell properly.

I realize it’s only a tool in the toolbox and there are so many others I have yet to perfect. This certification was “the end goal” when I was working toward it. I now realize it’s only the beginning.

What’s life if you don’t constantly set, achieve and then set new goals?

I’m ready to start teaching others the power and effectiveness of incorporating kettlebells into their fitness regimen – send me an email, tweet or comment if you’re interested in learning more and aren’t sure where to start!


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