Welcome to The PR Life!


In case you don’t know me personally, my name is Amanda and thank you for reading The PR Life. I started this blog as a means to chonicle my life, be accountable for my goals and inspire others to lead incredible lives. A few things you should probably know about me is that I have a very positive outlook, love my life, am full of ambition and live my passions. I’m addicted to coffee and peanut butter (I’m working on that one!), am passionate about all things health, public relations, fitness and social media related. How, might you ask do these passions have anything in common? I have no sweet clue – but I’m certainly going to try to figure it all out.

Four years ago I moved across the country from the small city of Halifax, Nova Scotia to the large city of Vancouver, British Columbia! A few years ago, after graduating from university, I realized if I really wanted to live a full and rich (in experiences, not money) life – I had to do something DRASTIC! So I grabbed two suitcases and jumped on a plane to Vancouver on my own.. without a job (anyone looking to hire?? HIRED!) and here I am!

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Why The PR Life?

So why the PR Life might you be wondering? To make a very long story – short – my life is dynamic. I have varying passions and certain areas of life that I see to be of high importance – and I wanted to find a way to reflect on all of them on this blog. Most of us know how well the power of 3 works – and I realized it fit very well with what I was trying to achieve – so here we are.

PR #1 – Public Relations

With a Bachelor degree in Public Relations, PR is a huge part of my life. In the past four years, I’ve been very fortunate to land exciting positions that have both challenged and inspired me to grow as a respected professional in the field. With all of these opportunites have come added skills and opportunites I never anticipated to have, let alone be good at them. I’m a HUGE social media buff and would probably go insane without Twitter. Not only is it an extremely useful tool to build meaningful connections and communicate with others, it’s my number one source for media and news.

Social Media Handles:


PR #2 – Personal Records

If you are a runner or fitness fanatic, you likley associate PR with the term Personal Records. Runners are always trying to out-do themselves. The only way to get better is to keep on runnin’! I started off many years ago not being able to run a few blocks without stopping… and now I can easily run 10k casually and have completed three half-marathons. Personal Records also relate to goal-setting. I believe that setting goals allow you to set intentions, stay dedicated and focused on achieving your dreams. The great thing about goals is that you set your own. No one can control what path you chose to follow or tell you how wrong or right your passions are because you control you solely. This blog is a way for me to hold myself accountable, set my intentions and share my achievements in hopes that it will inspire others to set some of their own.

PR #3 – Positive Reinforcement

The sad reality is that in today’s fast-paced society, people are quick to pass judgment and blame and rarely take accountability for their own actions. Negativity, envy and judgement flows so freely that positivity and kindness have become rarities. I believe that the route to productivity and inner satisfaction is positive reinforcement. I’ve been there. That job that no matter how hard you try, and how many obstacles you’ve overcome, your good work goes completely unnoticed. Typically you hear no feedback unless it’s negative and it soon begins to wear your entire spirit down. It’s not fun and it’s not what we need in our lives. Through my blog I hope to share experiences and small boasts of positive reinforcement to provide hope and direction for anyone needing that small reminder that you are great and can conquer anything you put your mind to.

Believe it, see it, do it. Because you can.

So what do I have to offer aside from the norm you might ask? I have no clue! But I do know that this blog will encourage me to stay focused, accountable and motivated to achieve my own personal goals. I am good at some things but awful at many. I feel like I know nothing sometimes, but when I really think about it – I know way more about the life I want to live and the person I want to be than I give myself credit for. As this blog develops and grows I hope that you too will be able to grow within yourself though this journey called life that we are all a part of; but in all on our own at the same time. As I work towards finding myself in the public relations profession, I hope to be able to use this blog as a means of voicing my frustrations, concerns, opinions and triumphs; professionally and personally.

I’m also a problem solver. I love challenges and I know there’s an answer to everything and I won’t stop until I figure it out! I push myself to limits most people would think are insane – but it makes me excited for life and achieving these things makes me want to achieve more – the harder the better. I’ve got planning and organizing down to a T. Planning is the only way you will ever succeed and I don’t believe in failing. No matter what the situation, when you don’t reach your goal, the process of getting there and the life lesson you’ve taken away from it was far more worth it for you in the end.

I’ve come a long way to get to this exciting point in my life (check back for my personal weight loss story coming soon!) and am even more excited for the chapters to come!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! Please feel free to contact me at anytime I’d love to hear from you!

4 responses to “Welcome to The PR Life!

  1. Hey Amanda, I just wanted to introduce myself. I saw @ThePRLife in one of Tyrell Mara’s tweets and thought “PR person in Vancouver? I might as well start making connections!” My name is Tom Willcox, I’m a native of Coquitlam. However, I’m currently down at the University of Memphis studying PR on a track and field scholarship. It looks like you have similar career goals to mine, so I just wanted to say hey and wish you luck on your endeavors!

    Check out my website if you wish! http://www.tomwillcox.com


    • Hey Tom!

      Thanks for the comment Tom. Yes it is true, I’m a PR person in Vancouver, although I hail from Halifax… but now call Vancouver my home! I took a look at your blog as well and sent you a tweet! I look forward to following you – and the best of luck to you as well.


  2. Hi, Amanda! One of your tweets showed up in my feed because you tagged Other Juliette, and I follow her. I have been perusing your blog and will be following along :) I have a B.A. in English, and really want to break through into a PR career, too. I just haven’t found the door, yet…I’m searching relentlessly, though! It’s nice to see someone with similar dreams finding success.

    • Hey Amber! Thanks for the blog follow and very cool to hear we have many of the same interests! Let me know if you want any advice on how to get your foot in the door – I’d be happy to share my experiences :)

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