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No more counting dollars, we’ll be counting stars

For the past three months, Faith and I committed ourselves to a 90-day health and fitness challenge. The main point of the challenge was to take control of our health and cut out the habits (aka weekly “treats” and weekends of alcohol) that were preventing us from achieving our fitness goals.

We made it public to keep ourselves accountable and committed to the plan by posting photos, updates and workouts so people could follow along.

This past weekend, we successfully completed the 90 days! Wahoo!


Biggest accomplishments:

  • Getting used to 10:00pm bed times and 5:30am wake times (to workout)
  • Getting deeper in my squat (ass-to-grass)
  • Single-arm strict pressing 22kgs (almost 50 lbs)
  • Deadlift PR at 240lbs
  • Saving money (from not drinking every weekend!)
  • Losing inches and weight (totals to come)
  • Food prep is now a regular (and easier!) weekly routine




  • Not turning to food or alcohol after a rough day (this was NOT easy at first, but got significantly easier as the weeks progressed)
  • Having cheat meals (not cheat days – was necessary)
  • Finding creative ways to enjoy the weekends (whilist not wasting money!)
  • Celebrating special occasions (exceptions are necessary)
  • Still struggling to get rid of body fat

So, what’s next?

The month of December will not involve shifting back to drinking every weekend for me. As much as I enjoyed a few drinks after a long week… I actually don’t enjoy the alcohol anymore (CRAZY, I know.. but it’s true). I won’t be indulging excessively (yes, occasionally) because I’ve worked too hard to get to where I am to throw away my progress.

Over the next few weeks I will be meeting with a holistic nutritionist to look at my nutrient and hormone balance. I’m hoping she will help me make changes that will allow me to get over this dreadful plateau so the muscles I’ve been building will look more defined!

I’m also still on the Body By Vi 90-day challenge (this will take me to the end of the year) and I’ve found it has helped me profoundly in recovery, staying on track and losing weight. If you are looking for a place to start – this is a great place! Please message me and I’d love to talk about how it can help you with your goals.

I know I’ve come along way but I have a vision for myself, and I’m not giving up until I achieve it.


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