90 Day Challenge: Muscle Poppin’, Weight Droppin’

90 day challenge

I’m an optimist. I always see the positive side in most situations – good or bad. For those not so ideal situations – I’m always finding a solution. Some call it annoying too much; I call it a sure fire route to success.

Years ago, I learned that the mega successful – with varying examples of “success” – were people who never gave up even when they failed over and over again.


When it seems like there is no hope in hell whatever they are working on is going to work out – they keep going. And you know what? Those people, the crazy, addicted, workaholics are the ones who succeed.

I apply this thinking to every part of my life – work, personal, social and everything in between – no matter what it is, I give 110% to everything I do. You can never be disappointed in what you’ve done or feel unaccomplished along the way when you give 110% effort, because in the end, you’ve done literally all you can do.

Sure it has its upsides and downsides… learning how to say NO is difficult… but the life experiences and personal accomplishments you are able to achieve are worth the stress (okay – sometimes worth the stress… I’m working on this one), dedication and effort. I will promise you of that.

That brings us to today. What happened to giving my fitness goals 110%?

It’s not like I’ve let myself slide.. because that is certainly not the case – but I’ve also not made extreme progress in a long time. I’ve been aiming for an ideal fitness look and level for years which I have still not achieved. I know it takes time (I may have an issue with wanting everything – now) and effort (trust me, I have the effort part down) but it also takes extreme dedication and accountability.

When it comes to other areas in my life I realize everything is a learning process. I never let myself sit stagnant so why would I do that with my body?

Here’s how I see it. There is always something new to learn whether it’s work related, relationship related or personal – there is change happening in every part of our lives at all times. How is your personal fitness any different? It’s not.

It’s time to get back to working hard on my fitness goals, thus, I give you:

The 90-Day Challenge: Muscle Poppin’, Weight Droppin’!

muscle poppin

The Plan:
1. Be ruthlessly dedicated to nutrition. We hear it all the time – abs are made in the kitchen – but it’s okay to drink and cheat on the weekends.. Right? WRONG!

I mean sure, it’s fine if you aren’t looking to reduce your weight.. Treating yourself once and awhile is fine – but it’s not going to allow you to reach those goals. So what does this mean for me? No more calamari and beers on Friday nights. Crazy you say? Maybe. But I know my body and I know it refuses to cooperate when I feed it fat-storing foods.

I will be eating clean and strict paleo. I will also be posting recipes and photos along the way.

2. Workouts 6-days a week. Again, you’re thinking I’m crazy right? WRONG again.

With proper recovery (nutrition, sleep and proper exerciese form) – three metabolic conditioning workouts (think, quick, high-energy, bursts of work followed by short rest periods) and three strength (body building) workouts on alternating days.

Lift heavy and HIIT it out!

3. Supplement one meal with Visalus. Yes, I’m including the 90-day challenge as part of my plan.
Let me know if you want to know more about it – I’ve been using it for a while and I am a big fan.

I don’t think I necessaily NEED to be on a shake program, but it’s a great and easy way to get your protien and recovery when you are short on time. Morning workouts will always mean I’m short on time in the morning. Visalus will ensure I get the most important meal of the day in!

4. Relax and trust the process. I have control issues. There. I said it.

I’m accustom to wanting and getting everything I want, immediately. Not only is this ridiculous, it missed the whole point of working hard for things and truly being able to appreciate them when you get there. I’m going to stick to the plan and trust the change will happen as it should.

5. Be accountable.

Faith and I decided that we are going to do this together. Similarly to working-out, it’s so much easier to push yourself and stay accountable when you have someone else relying on you. We have written down our workout and food plans as a basis, and will be posting about this challenge publicly. We want to share, inspire and encourage others who need that little boost of support and direction to stay accountable. Giving up/in is NOT an option!

90 day calendar

So, friends this our plan of action! We’d love for you to particiapte to some capacity – or take on a few 90-day goals for yourself! Let us know you are setting a goal and let’s keep eachother accountable.

shock them

Follow our hashtag #musclepoppinweightdroppin on twitter, instagram and facebook for updates, recipes, videos and inspiration to push yourself to achieve your goals. Also, follow Faith’s blog for her updates and posts at ‘Cause you gotta have Faith.

“Lets get these muscles poppin’ and this weight droppin’.” – Me



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4 responses to “90 Day Challenge: Muscle Poppin’, Weight Droppin’

  1. You guys are freakin awesome. I love this! Bring on the 90’s days! wooohoo!

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