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Real Job: Day 1

Today was my first day of work at the Vancouver Parks and Recreation Board!

It was AMAZING! I already know it’s going to be a perfect fit for me and I’m so excited to dive in and show them what I can do.

My day started bright and early because I had to be there for 7am! They were holding a first-day employee orientation so it was the perfect day for me to start. I got the chance to hear about the organization, their policies and culture, as well as get a good sense of the type of work I will be doing. I’m very glad that I kicked off my first day like that!

I got a few fun things as a welcome including this wicked coffee mug (they already found the way to my heart!)

Just to give you a small idea of where my office is located (right to the entrance of Stanley Park!) I took a few shots to let you take a look for yourself:

Walk way up to the front door!


Huge tree right in front of the building.


Better view of the front entrance – look how amazing the lanscaping is! That’s just a tiny bit of what is actually surrounding the entire building.


Directly across the street.

Someone actually has a house right next door – so cute (and expensive)!


English Bay :)



Sylvia Hotel – one of the oldest Hotels (maybe the oldest?) in Vancouver! It has an amazing view of the beach and look at the beautiful vines all over it. So pretty :)

Other than the fact that my office is located in an incredible place – there is also a small gym and shower facilities in the building! So I can bike to work over the Burrard St. Bridge – cycle along the seawall and come to work – work out – work and then after work hop on my bike and tour the Seaway all before heading home! It’s actually more perfect than I could have ever imagined. 

Now to sell my car and get a bike… honestly – does anyone want to buy Indy (My 2008, Silver Mazda 3) ? She’s been a great car but with this new venture in life I just don’t have the place or need for her out here in Vancouver.

So today I was sitting at my new (randomly placed and quite old – but beautiful none the less) desk when I was thinking about it… did anyone else catch the fact that I’m working for Vancouver Parks and Recreation… Vancouver PR? Crazy huh? If that doesn’t spell out how much this job was meant to be… I don’t know what else will!

Time to go work out and get to bed early tonight – I have another busy and exciting day a head of me!


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