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The coffee shop-hop


1. HOLY CRAP it’s the middle of July. 2. WHERE is the summer Vancouver???

If I’ve taught myself anything over the past few years, it’s if you want something – you’ve got to go get it! No one is going to hand it to you and let’s be honest (without sounding too corny) the journey of reaching your goal is more beneficial than the actual goal.

My past few days have been chock full of inspiring occurrences – one was participating in a feel-good social movement called Operation Beautiful. The purpose of Operation Beautiful is to post inspiring and feel-good messages in public places so that others will read it and hopefully feel better about themselves no matter what is going on in their life.

Some people organized a facebook event called “Operation Beautiful Invades the World” which inspired people from all over the world to post notes throughout whichever city they live in, so I did my part:





And found some pretty amazing shops along the way! So much fashion inspiration :)




plus I enjoyed a little social interaction and self-reflection time to round off the weekend.

And of course, It wouldn’t have been a typical weekend without the coffee shop-hopping:


I think I visited 5 coffee shops in the past 2 days (7 if you count the ones I didn’t say in!).

So what am I going after you might ask? I’m thinking about being an (un-official) Vancouver coffee shop critique! I figure that I go to so many local coffee shops, have an overwhelming love for coffee (and baked goods!) so I might as well share my experiences – good and bad – so I can save others precious time and from bad coffee experiences!

 My first coffee shop critique will be of my favourite coffee shop of the weekend: Agro Café!

Faith and I decided to venture downtown to Yaletown to check out a cafe we had read reviews about online. It served organic coffee (+1 point), was locally owned (+ another point), had Wifi (+ 10 points), has a cute patio and was right in the heart of Yaletown! When we arrived my first reaction to the decor was excellent. They have a variety of comfy chairs (Faith’s favourite!) and tables with high bar-type stools (my favourite!) and it was very clean and modern.

Even though it passed all the major stipulations of what makes a “good-coffee-shop” the final most important area for the rating is how good the service is. Result? AMAZING. The young woman who was working here was so nice, made nice small talk and was so cheerful! a coffee shop can have everything, but if it’s employees aren’t happy and cheerful the entire coffee-shop experience is ruined.

Thank-you friendly barista for making this rating a 5/5!

Agro Café is my ideal coffee shop and I will definitely be back! Any suggestions for where I should go next?


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