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90-day Challenge: workout plan

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the type of workouts I do so I thought I’d share my full workout plan and explain the workout I did tonight in detail.

For the 90-day challenge I’m planning to do the following:

Weeks 1-4: 6 workouks a week

  • 3-4 metabolic strength and conditioning classes with my friends over at Element Athletic
  • 2-3 strength/body building workouts

So far this week has looked like:

  • Sunday: Upper body workout
  • Monday: off
  • Tuesday: EA class
  • Wednesday: EA class
  • Thursday: EA class
  • Friday: Lower body workout
  • Saturday: EA class

After a month of this routine, I will assess how my body is reacting and decide if I want to mix up my routine more (I may add a few swims a week) or just keep my workouts varible.

To give you an idea of the type of kickass workouts we do at Element, they look something like this.

Crazy, right? I know – and I freaking love it!

Last night however I went to the gym and cracked out a lower body workout. When focusing on the lower body, I make sure to do exersices that target the five main lower body muscle groups: glutes, calves, hamstrings, adductors and quads. I also throw in abs during or at the end!

Ttonight’s workout looked a little something like this:

  • Leg presses (glutes, quads) – 4 sets
    • 2 x 12 at 180 lbs
    • 2 x 12 at 230 lbs
  • Superset: Stiff-legged deadlift (hamstrings) + double handed swings (all lower body muscle groups) – 4 sets
    • Instead of a barbell I used two 20kg KBs
    • Supersets are when do one exercise, followed immediately by a second exercies
  • Superset: Calf raises (calves) + lying leg raises (abs) – 3 sets
    • I used 2 x 20 kg KBs instead of a bar
  • Double kettlebell front squats (glutes, quads) – 4 sets
    • 2 x 20 kg KBs
    • 5-7 reps per set
  • Backward and forward alternating lunges (quads) – 4 sets
    • 12 backward reps with one 20 kg KB racked on my right side – then the same on the left
    • 12 forward reps with KB bottoms up x 2

I finished off with 2 rounds of:

It felt good and since I haven’t done a weight training lower body workout in awhile, and as predicted, I’m a little sore this morning. Which is wicked :)

I plan to share more workouts as this challenge progresses, please let me know if you have any questions about the above workout!


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