Work hard, stay humble.

Do you ever feel like great things are possible? Like, you – you are possible of something really great?


I thought so.

If not, you better change your frame of mind because everyone is possible of great incredible things.


The other day I was riding the bus home and even though millions of people take the bus everyday, people barely look at one another. They get on the bus, look down at their phones, have their headphones in, brush past others to get to seats fast than the other.. and hardly take a moment to even look at the people they are riding the bus with.

Today, a little old lady got on the bus in front of me and made her way to the back of the bus. Not the front – but the back. I’m assuming she either likes the view (it’s higher up) from the back, or maybe she leaves the front seats free for those who aren’t as able – either way she sat right across from me.

At one point I looked up and she was looking at me, so I smiled. I think a took her off guard because she probably hasn’t had anyone look at her, let alone give her a smile on the bus in a long time – if ever.

You never know what someone is going through. They could have just lost their job, had someone close to them pass away, being bullied at work, feeling worthless and depressed… you never know who might just be looking for a little hope.

Kindness can come in the most simple of ways and can literally change a person’s day.

I just read this poem today and I had to share it: Crabby Old Man



Lesson of the day: Small acts of kindness can make the world of a difference for someone else. You have no idea what someone else is facing, dealing with, thinking or has just been through. Be kind, work hard, be humble, and most importantly, be present.


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