Work-it-out: Lower-body kettlebell intervals

I had originally planned for this to be my Monday morning workout – which involved getting up at 4:30am, heading to the gym and doing some running HIIT intervals and a lower body weight set – but I hit snooze and slept until 6am, missing the gym opportunity all together!

I know my body needed the sleep (I couldn’t get to sleep last night until really late) – so it was probably good that I slept in. Now, I’ have lots of time to workout and instead of going to the gym where I know it’ll be packedddd (let’s face it, it’s the second week of January, the gym is always packed with people feeling guilty for over indulging over the holiday break!) – I’m going to work out in my garage gym.

I know you’re probably thinking wow, you have your own space to work out – why would you ever go to a crowded gym?! Answer: Because it’s COLD out there and I’m a whimp!


To counter the freezing cold I’m going to start my workout with:

  • (1 minute of skipping + 12 heavy kettlebell swings) x 6 rounds
  • Typical kettlebell warmup of: 15 windmills each side + (10 push presses right then left + 10 snatches right then left) x 2

Main workout: 6 exercises x 3 rounds

Set your interval timer for 20 seconds rest/40 seconds work for a total of 18 consecutive intervals. I wanted to focus on lower body so I chose the follow exercises:

  • Heavy kettlebell squats (2 x 14kgs)
  • Alternating reverse lunges (14kg)
  • Alternating kettlebell swings (14kg)
  • Single-legged deadlift right (2 x 14kgs)
  • Single-legged deadlift left (2 x 14kgs)
  • Burpees (with high jump)



I’m also not afraid to sweat – that’s how I know it’s working :)


As my muscles were shaking I came in the warm house and made myself a protein shake to recover: protein, spinach, blueberry, banana + almond milk! Delicious!


What did you do to sweat today?


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