Bring it on 2013!

I know I missed posting this on January 1st, but I haven’t felt as though I’ve really had a chance to reflect and think about my 2013 goals until now.
I went home to Halifax for Christmas, and although I loved every single minute of it (and miss everyone back home), I was glad to return to my routine and get focused on my 2013 goals. I’m pretty excited for the year to come – the known and unknown adventures I will take on and growing and over coming all the obstacles that come my way.
Without further ado, my goals for 2013:
1) Keep moving. 
Fitness is a huge part of my life and I often get so caught up in wanting to be better – I forget how far I’ve come. I missed out on my kettlebell certification last month because I was ill (I will tackle it in March of 2013)! I also plan on starting crossfit, running another 1/2 marathon and doing some kind of race (Spartan, tough mudder, etc.) as well as teaching kettlebell :)
Action: Continue to record my workouts and track my progress (I will be taking my inches not weighing myself.), workout in the morning, pass my kettlebell certification, train for another 1/2 and do new things that scare me (might as well hey?).
2) Reduce stress.
I over-commit and get overwhelmed by how much I have on my to-do lists. I need to learn to focus on what’s most important and be really great at those few things. I know stress is holding my back from reaching my fitness goals (honest post to come on this)
Action: Incorporate 1 yoga class a week into my regimen. Stop myself before I start worrying, continue to write my to-do’s on a list and keep crossing them off!
3) Keep up (and ramp up) eating paleo. 
I’ve cut a lot of foods from my diet (diet as in the foods I chose, not a fad that promises quick results) and am still testing out how my body reacts to certain foods. I’ve seen great results from cutting wheat (currently 1/2 through the book Wheat Belly and will be writing a review in the days to come), sugar and all modified foods

Action: Prep meals – Faith and I have been prepping food every Sunday for the past few months and we’ve both saved loads of money and are both feeling way better (and losing weight!) by doing so. Also, I will focus on being strict. I know many paleo eaters believe in cheat meals – but purposely cheating is not good for me personally. It will happen from time to time and I won’t let that deter me, but keeping myself in control of what I put in my body will keep me accountable.

4) Continue working on my Bucket List
As I’ve just started a new job and plan to devote a lot of my energy (and time!) to it. I’m okay with not focusing on those adventurous (and costly!) items at this moment – I’ll get to them! I will reflect on those I’ve achieved, re-visit and update those to make them more realistic.
Action: Review and update Bucket List! Try to cross off at least one a month :)
5) Gratitude journal 
Reflect on the wonderful aspects of my life. Be present in the moments I spend with my friends and family.
Action: Be more in the moment. Put my iphone away when I’m with friends and be in the moment vs. constantly looking ahead. Also, Faith and I will be writing one thing a day we are grateful for and putting them in a jar. It will encourage me to mindfully think about the good things that happen every day and by doing so, will ensure I stay grateful and appreciative of the wonderful things in my life.
6) Keep exploring, doing and chronicling my life in order to help inspire others to do the same.
A lot of who I am has come from the inspiration and support of the amazing people in my life. Sometimes you need an outside perspective – and I plan to continue to write about my goals and achievements in hope that others will also set some goals, write them down and stay accountable.

Action: Write 2-3 blog posts a week. WHEW, this one is going to be HARD.

Change is ongoing and I truly believe in order to keep evolving and being successful in life – you must embrace change. Acknowledge your accomplishments, chase your dreams, keep pushing and love what you do.

Have you written out your goals for 2013? What are you waiting for – think about it and write that list!


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3 responses to “Bring it on 2013!

  1. Sascha RIcher

    This is how a list should be written, specific action plans and attainable goals.
    Don’t let Number six become an issue Number two has to deal with. Keep it as the passion it is, not a chore. If it does become stressful write a post about bunnies, that should help.

  2. I love ALL of these – but also agree with the above comment. I started my blog as it was a passion and I love writing, but I let it become stressful. Taking a couple of weeks out was the best thing ever for me!

    Cant wait to watch you NAIL all these goals above, yay!

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