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I. am. SPARTA.

I know I said that this year was going to be my year of fitness… but I never imagined that it would include a Super Spartan race!

I only agreed to do the race two weeks before the actual race and figured hey, I’m already in decent shape and if there are obstacles I can’t do, I’ll just do what I can. Originally my friend Alex told me it was the Spartan Sprint (3 miles and 15+ obstacles) Race… until I went to look up some more information on it and realized it was the Super Spartan (8+ miles and 20+ obstacles) Race! That’s a HUGE difference when it comes to endurance and fitness level. Not to mention that there is also a Spartan Beast (12+ miles and 25+ obstacles) Race AND a Death Race… don’t even bother looking at that one apparently according to their site only 15% of the participants actually finish that one and it can take someone anywhere from 24-48 hours… I think I’ll stick with something only half-crazy vs. completely insane :)

The great thing about the Spartan Race was that it was truly all about what you wanted to get out of it. We were part of the “elite” race heat for people who were actually interested in doing it at the best of their ability. The race was also fit for people to do in teams or as a fun group event – however you look at it, it was going to be a challenge. We started off pretty strong, jumping over fire and starting out on the 8+ mile trail run through the Squamish mountains. I had no idea what I was in for which was probably better than knowing to be honest. While we tore up and down hills over loose dirt, rocks, trees and roots – we also had to do obstacles like climbing walls, rope pulling, running sand bags up hills, climbing embankments, scaling walls, crawling through mud under barbed wire, javelin, tire flip, an ice cold swim and more. All while running.

Results? Alex and I came in 16/17 top females and 70/71 to cross the finish line with a time of 1:53:54 in our heat. Not bad for our first Spartan Race :)

Next goal: Beat our time, the next time!

(Tiny secret – please don’t tell the Spartan organizers – a friend couldn’t go so I took his place in the race, thus why you can’t actually see my name in the results section haha. For race purposes only, I shall be known as Francis Daluro!)

What’s next might you ask? Probably the Beast… why not right?

Have you ever tackled the Super Spartan Race or Beast Race – if so what did you think?


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