Triple W Kettlebell Workout

I’m feeling really motivated today so I thought I’d share a recent workout I did to get your engines reved up! This past Wednesday I sat at my desk at work and jotted down my workout plan for that evening. Planning is KEY to actually getting a good workout in and I never start a workout without a set plan. Sometimes I like to plan several workouts in advance – which I’m working on creating a several week long plan – but normally I do it the night before so I am good to go when I hit the gym.

This particular workout I call the “Wonderful Wednesday Workout” (WWW for short… have you realized yet I like things in groups of 3’s?):

The workout consists of:

3 rounds of the following 6 exercises at 45 seconds work/15 seconds rest (45/15):

  • Two-handed kettlebell swing (30lb)
  • Front kettlebell squat  (30lb)
  • Deadlift (50lb)/ Burpee combination
  • Clean & presses (switch half way through) (30lb)
  • High pull/ burpees (30lb)
  • Bent over kettlebell row (30lb)

As a bridging exercise (give your body time to recover from the all out work), I did:

  • 20 side-to-side bench jump overs
  • 2 minute plank (the plank was probably a little long, you can shorten this time if you prefer)

Important to note: I only have a 30lb, a 50lb and a 16lb kettlebell at my disposal at home for the moment. I’m working on getting another 30lb so I can do some other more advanced moves, but that is why I use this weight for most of my exercises. I find that 30lb is a comfortable weight for me as I’m easing back into my strength training again, but remember to go with a weight that works for you. If a 15lb or 20lb is challenging for you, then that’s great, stick with it and push yourself only to your limit.

Let me know if you need further instruction on any of the exercises I’ve done and I’ll help explain how to perform them correctly.

Since completing the half marathon two weeks ago it’s time to set some new goals and move forward! I’ve started to slowly ease myself back into different types of workouts like I had been doing before. This workout was a little tough as the last time I’d done a workout this intense was at least a week and a half. From this point on, I’m planning on keeping my running up (potentially running another half marathon in October in Victoria!), working on increasing my strength again (hello kettlebells) and throwing in some fun things like hiking, grinding and spinning when possible.

Are you in the Vancouver area and looking for a workout buddy? Whether you want to put me through your grueling workout, use me as a test bunny or want me to show you one of mine, let me know! This year I told myself I’d try anything and I’m always looking for new ways to sweat.

Stay tuned for my next fitness goal – it’s going to be a good one!

Ps. If you haven’t checked out my friend Leah’s blog, Naturally, Leah – you should. She’s training for her first half marathon and could use all the support she can get! Go Leah, go!



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2 responses to “Triple W Kettlebell Workout

  1. Thanks for the shoutout hun! Your workout looks killllller!

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