Pyramid workout

I wanted to post the workout I did tonight because it was a great combination of exercises and was tough!

I’m 11 days away from the SeaWheeze half marathon and feeling better than ever. After actually running MORE than a half marathon I’m not afraid anymore of not being able to do it. I’ve been training to not only run it – but to run it in under 2:00 (okay my real goal is 1:50)!

If you know me at all you know that there’s no way that I can just run to train – I am keeping up my kettlebell strength training and trying new combinations to keep it exciting. I try to do different exercises in different combinations and types of intervals to push different muscles in my body. Today’s workout was inspired by one of Marianne from MyOMytv’s pyramid interval workouts.

The pyramid consists of 6 exercises done in sequence to the number of reps of that round in the pyramid.


1. Goblet squat
2. Clean & Press (I only have one 30lb kettle bell so I did the round’s rep number on my right and then left)
3. Deadlift + burpee (I used a 65 lb kettlebell to Deadlift)
4. Push ups
5. Kettlebell bent over row (again I only have one 30lb Kb so I had to do each arm individually)
6. Vertical pull + burpee

I did a 4-6-8-10-8-6-4 Pyramid which means I did the mentioned exercises in sequence for that round’s rep number (ie. 4 squats, 4 clean & presses, 4 Deadlift burpees, etc). Once you complete all the exercises in that round – makes sure you recover and go right into the second round with 6 reps and just go from there. In total you will do 7 rounds.

When it comes to recommended weights – use what is comfortable for you. This workout can be adapted for each individual’s level so push yourself to work hard at your own level.

Let me know if you have any concerns or if you changed any of the exercises!


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