Kettlebell Hiking

When I asked Jason if he wanted to do a hike with me – I never anticipated that we’d be bringing along this hefty little kettlebell with us!

We decided that we would venture to Grouse Mountain on Sunday morning – but instead of doing the Grind like we would typically do, we decided to try out one of the other trails. Jason suggested that we put the kb in his backpack and take 5 minute interval turns of carrying it on our back – I’m always up for a challenge so of course I agreed!

Jason was up first!

(That sag isn’t normally part of the backpack!)

The Baden-Powell trail literally starts immediately on the right as soon as you get on the Grind (I don’t know about you – but I’ve personally never noticed this haha). Although we didn’t realize it at the time, we actually only walked a small portion of the Baden-Powell trail as it stretches all the way from Lynn Cannon to Grouse.

(Sorry for the blurry photos – we literally weren’t stopping other than to switch the back pack)

We followed the little orange markers for the beginning of the trail which we thought was quite flat (and unimpressive) and even started to trail down at one point… until we realized we needed to change trails at the BCMC trail junction and start hiking back up hill.

After realizing we were heading in the wrong direction (east instead of north) a kind pair of older hikers led us back in the right direction.

From this point on, it was ALL up hill, around fallen trees, shimming along rock ledges, crawling up slippery slopes – a true mountain hike!

(Jason: “I’m going to get a picture of you when you are really dying…” so I quickly flashed a smile haha.)

The best part about the entire hike was definitely the first minute after you took the backpack off. The incredible light feeling and euphoria of continuing on without that 30 extra pounds of weight made you feel like you could literally run up the rest of the mountain… and we typically each did run for a bit each time we switched off the weight to the other person.

(Don’t look back!)

We made it to the top in an hour and 27 minutes. I continued carrying it the last league all the way up the stairs and out the back of the lodge at the top so we each had the weight for 45 interval minutes.

Even though it sounds crazy, it was such a rush once we reached the top! Knowing us, we just might do it again next weekend…

The best part? The random Owl mascot at the top of the mountain which we sweatily had to get a photo with before taking the gondola down.

Do you have any suggestions of good hikes/climbing challenges you’ve done around the Vancouver area? I’d love to hear them and give them a shot!






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4 responses to “Kettlebell Hiking

  1. High freaking five. This is so beyond awesome. You are insane and I love it (and I am also currently writing about how insane you are on my blog). hehe xx

  2. That is so crazy but awesome at the same time, I love getting out and walking in nature and adding the extra weight for a killer workout is such a good idea!

    • Thanks Amanda! Yes at first we were thinking “what are we getting ourselves into?!?” but the feeling after you took the weight off and kept hiking was actually worth it! Give it a try next time :)

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