23.81 kilometers

I am ecstatic to share that I ran 23.81 km (almost 24 km) yesterday morning!

Those who know me, know that I’m not a natural runner. I much rather short, quick bursts of energy that builds endurance or strength over long, extended periods of cardio as my workouts of choice. I’ve never overly enjoyed running and always saw it as a huge scary goal that would take me forever to accomplish… and then one Saturday morning in July, I squashed that goal and ran 23.81 km in just over 2 hours.

I still cannot believe that I actually ran that far and how much it took out of me. Going into the run, my friend Ashley told me we were going to run 16-18 km. Running 10-12km runs over the past few months, I figured ok, I need to work up to this 21.1km so I can be successful on the lululemon half marathon I’m signed up to run on August 11th… that turned into a distance OVER a half marathon!

We started off pretty steady and at about 5 km we hit our first steep hill – which turned into about an 8km distance of climbing up hill. I don’t typically run hills so it wasn’t easy, but I kept going at a steady pace taking it one hill at a time. After we got off the road we ran through some lovely trails and down into a lovely ocean front park! We stopped at about 12.5km once we hit the dock at the Belcarra – I snapped a few pictures at the end of the dock:

We then turned around and headed back up a 2km climb of a hill! After 5km in the opposite direction it was pretty downhill or flat until about 3km from the end. Needless to say I was relieved when we were about 2 leagues from the end.

When I looked down and saw that we had hit the 22km mark I couldn’t believe it and just kept thinking “we are almost done, we are almost done, we are almost done!” During the last 2km I had to stop every 1/2km but I knew I could pick it up after I recovered, and I made it to the end!

My top 5 running Tips:

1. Find a running buddy. If you choose one of any of these tidbits of advice, it’s this one! It’s a lot easier to accomplish something when you have someone else motivating you and encouraging you to keep pushing.

2. Running is almost always mind over matter. If you are in good health and have been training, the distance is purely all mental. Believe you can do it, and your body will make it happen.

3. Switch it up. Choose different routes and challenge yourself to keep your runs interesting. Unless I’m running intervals, I always run outside – it took me a while to get used to outdoor running, but it’s so much different than indoor running and you get to experience new places!

4. Get enough rest. Don’t run long runs when you are tired – been there, done that (I’ve learned the hard way for us both already – trust me!), felt the exhaustion.

5. PLAN. Like anything else, you need to plan your runs into your week or they will not happen! Make running as important as appointments, cooking dinner and brushing your teeth – hold yourself accountable!

Above all else, remember that running is dependent on you and you only. Whether your goal is to run 1km, 10km or 50km – you are the only person you are competing against and the only one you should compare yourself to.

When I started running a few years ago, I couldn’t even run down the block let alone 1km. I kept at it, kept running and never gave up – it’s all about perseverance and dedication!

If I can do it – so can you!


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  1. SO stoked for you, what an amazing run!!! Can’t wait to hear how the half marathon goes hun xx

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