San Francisco, Part 1 – the Golden Gate

This past week I spent 4 busy and exciting days in San Francisco!

When my friend Laura said she was coming to the West Coast for a conference we knew this was the prime opportunity for me to hop on a quick flight down the coast and join her in foggy San Fran. We just happened to be going there for the 4th of July so we knew we’d be in for a good time.

We stayed at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square which was literally right downtown near the high end shopping district and financial districts. It was a beautiful hotel and MASSIVE.

When we arrived I made a list of things to do and see while we were there and it was our goal to see as much as we could in 4 short days.
First stop was a cute wine bar called First Crush – great wine, great service – very close to our hotel!

The moment I booked my flight and the realization set in that I was heading to sunny San Francisco I knew the adventure at the top of my list would be to run the Golden Gate Bridge. Laura and I are basically the same person so I knew she’d be up for it and we made it a priority to run it the very first morning to make sure we got it in.

We woke up early Wednesday morning, planned a bus route to take us closer to the park near the bridge and set out! Since it was a holiday the bus schedule was reduced and we ended up hopping on a coach bus whose driver let us on for free (<- thank you bus driver!). He dropped us off at the bridge and we were ecstatic to see that it wasn’t foggy! Literally it was the PERFECT morning to run as it wasn’t very hot yet and the fog was barely there.

We grabbed a few photos and set out on our run. We were so excited we didn’t want to stop but I had to grab a few shots as we were running :) I was so excited the entire time I was running – I didn’t even remember the run. It was literally surreal.. who RUNS the Golden Gate Bridge??


Around 2 miles later we made it to the other side and as per our concierge’s recommendation we continued the sea side road right into the town of Sausalito.

(If you are reading this and actually thinking of doing the same route, I just want to caution that the run from the end of the bridge into Sausalito is along the side of the main road and there is no designated sidewalk – so be careful! There are many people who bike and run down this path, so I imagine the drivers are aware to watch for runners/bikers but just keep this in mind. Other than that – it is downhill so that’s a huge plus!)

After running through rolling hills, residential areas and seeing the downtown boardwalk, we realized we were running directly into a 4th of July parade!

We watched some and continued running to the ferry terminal to make sure we didn’t miss our ferry. While waiting in line we started chatting with two women who had also run the bridge and were catching the ferry back to the city.

They were so sweet and very informative helping us decide where to go while we were there. We were just docking and thanking them for their helpful information when one of the ladies actually offered to drive us around and show us everything! It was so kind of her and we gratefully accepted!

She picked us up from our hotel and took us around to places we definitely wouldn’t have ever been able to see without a car:

The Castro District

Twin Peaks (we had no idea this place even existed!)

Thanks Patty!

She also took us to see the Victorian Houses we all remember from Full House! This was such a cool thing to see, and the park that you are in looking at the houses is actually pretty cool too.

We also really wanted to see Lombard Street which the roadway has eight sharp turns that have earned the street the distinction of being the crookedest [most winding] street in the world!


Once we finally got home we had seen countless San Fran gems and had even gotten in some fantastic shopping at a boutique called Ambiance in Cow Hollow on Union St. (definitely check this place out if you are in San Francisco!)

We headed home and got ready to head back out to celebrate the 4th of July… and celebrate we did!

This was all in 1 day…. part 2 to come!



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4 responses to “San Francisco, Part 1 – the Golden Gate

  1. So freakin cool, Running the Golden Gate is totally on my to-do list now – love it!! And it looks like you guys had some great warm non-foggy weather too! Even better. Did you go to Alcatraz?!! MY FAVE…ok…guess I have to wait until part 2 to find out!

    • Haha, yes you definitely have to do it!! I’ll go back with you when you do :)

      No, sadly you need to book like a month in advance to get tickets to tour Alcatraz.. but we saw it from afar lol.

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