Zoom, Zoom!

My amazing (<- yes that’s me sucking up) parents just recently visited me in Vancouver!

They drove the 6,400km from coast to coast to bring my car to me. I’m so thankful and very appreciative that they took the time to travel this far just to bring me my car. I made the decision last year when I have to Vancouver to leave it behind in Halifax, and now after 15 months of being car-less, I finally feel like I’m back to my old independent self again!

Can you say unstoppable?

Since we now have my car here – I took the time to drive them through the neighbourhoods of Vancouver, seeing the city from the South, West, East and eventually the North!  We made our way to Coal Harbour after the city tour (I’m an excellent tour guide) to have dinner at Mill Marine Bistro on the waterfront. This is one of my favourite restaurants, great service, food, drinks and incredible view! If you haven’t been there yet, it’s a must < -tell the managers the PR life sent you :)

The next day we visited Stanley Park and my old office at the Park Board before getting on the Sea to Sky and heading to Squamish! We had to stop at the Howe Sound Brewery for lunch and enjoy a lovely view of the chief while trying to pick up the climbers.

The next day was forecast to be sunny so we rushed to make the 8:30am ferry and headed from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

My parents enjoyed the ferry just as much as I did – it was a beautiful day for it. We even got to pet some horses down below before pulling into the dock!

We head North along the coast from Nanaimio to Port Alberni to visit Cathedral Grove – but on the way we had to stop at Goats on the Roof Old Country Market in Coombs! It was one of the cutest market I’ve ever been to (and I am a frequent market stopper). Great products, lots of homemade treasures and how could you not enjoy the baby goats on the roof? I didn’t get any photos of them because when I went back to the part of the roof I saw them on… they were gone :( I guess you’ll have to go see them yourself!

The next stop was Cathedral Grove – where some of the oldest and largest trees on the West Coast reside. It was breath taking and definitely one of those instances where photos don’t really do it justice.

After we took in the sights we drove all the way down to Victoria so my parents could see the city before we hopped back on the ferry from Swartz Bay to Tsawwassen to catch the sunset back home.

It was a lovely day and I was so fortunate to have been able to share it with my parents. It was so great to have them here in Vancouver to see what I do, where I work and where I live. It was slightly weird being here as a family in my Vancouver home and not in our Upper Sackville home. None the less, it was so great to see them… even though I talk to them almost every day :)

The next morning I went for a run along the False Creek seawall... God I LOVE this city.

(False Creek near Olympic Village and Science World)

Where are you planning on visiting this summer?


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