My Gratitude Journal

I have decided to start my gratitude journal and record 3 things everyday that I am grateful for. If you missed my Gratitude Journal post check it out for more information on what this is all about. If you want to talk about it click on my email button at the top right hand corner and let me know what you are grateful for in your life.

What I am grateful for today…

Sunday, June 24:

  • That my car’s problem was only a blown fuse and not an $1000 part!
  • Sunshine and good friends to spend a relaxing Sunday.
  • Saying hi to other runners as I’m running through the trails at 8:30am on a Sunday :)

Wednesday, June 10:

  • My parents and always knowing how to make things better.
  • Kind hearted people taking time out of their day to share their wisdom.
  • I have all my fingers and all my toes!

Saturday, June 9:

  • Being fortunate to be able to hop in my car and drive where ever I want to!
  • Seattle; everything about it!
  • The border agents let us through with no trouble & the lines weren’t long :)

Friday, June 8:

  • Coffee with a great friend to start my day.
  • Going to sit on a patio and watch the sun set over the ocean.
  • My parents.

Thursday, June 7:

    • The sun breaking through the clouds just in time for me to get off work.
      • Open-mindedness by others which is sometimes a difficult/scary thing to do.
        • Laughing with your best friend until your stomach hurts and you can’t breathe. :)

Wednesday, June 6:

      • The heated tiled floor in my bathroom.
      • My Dad reminding me that I can’t (and won’t) have EVERYTHING right now. Things will come, take it one step at a time.
      • A new 49th Parallel opening near my house!


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4 responses to “My Gratitude Journal

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  2. virgil

    Hi Amanda, Hope all is well. Just wanted to write a quick note about your nice blog site! Cheers Virgil

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