Rules of a Creator’s Life

I’ve been inspired lately to make some positive changes (yet again) in terms of my career and personal goals. I’ve been reaching many of my goals (stay tuned for an update coming soon!) and feel ready to tackle some more change in my life.

It was more than fitting the other morning when I woke up to a text from a friend of mine who saw an inspiring quote – and said it reminded her of me. The funny thing is, these inspiring words couldn’t have come at a better time and her timing was impeccable! (Thanks Jenna!)

I give you: The Rules of a Creator’s Life

#9. Love what you do, or leave. Hit me the hardest.
It’s something I always preach to my friends and twitter followers (<- shout out to my followers – thank you for following!) and need to constantly remind myself of from time to time. I believe that any and every experience is an opportunity for personal growth, but the challenge is constantly readjusting your focus and staying creative in order to create your own success.

What statement can you most relate to right now in your life?


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