One year anniversary

Today marks my one year anniversary of moving to Vancouver!

At this exact moment one year ago today I had landed in a brand new city, was excited beyond belief, knew no one and was sitting in an unfamiliar house with strangers…

In the beautiful neighbourhood of Kitsilano!

Didn’t know which way was north or south…

But the view…

Was incredible!

I ate a lot of oatmeal…

I drank A LOT of this…

And consumed even more of this….

Glorious Vancouver coffee!

I nourished my love for sushi..

Made my mark on the world..

Stood on top of the world..

and embraced the Vancouver rain!

I landed an amazing job…

Took in countless festivals and festive events…

and saw more live concerts, music and theatre than I have in my entire life!

Now, a year later I’ve made countless friends, landed an amazing job and have begun crossing my life goals off the list! Not to mention I learned a lot about what I was capable of and took advantage of every opportunity to come my way.

I’m living in a beautiful new place in Shaughnessy, working on my second contract with the City of Vancouver, volunteering with the YWCA, training for my first half marathon AND just crushed my February goal of not drinking a drop of alcohol.

Who knows what the next year will bring, but just as the last it’s been an incredible adventure. I’ve accomplished so many things, set myself so many goals and have experienced so many life learning lessons I can definitely say moving to Vancouver was one of the best decisions of my life. And the best part? Things can only keep going up from here!

Next goal? Start working towards my true passion for sharing health and fitness with others… hmmm any ideas/suggestions of what I business or fitness program I should get involved in?


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