Times, they are a changin’

Guess what? As of next week I will have been living in Vancouver for 11 months! That’s almost an entire year!

It feels like only yesterday when I landed in this big city not knowing which way was north or south, had no idea how I was going to find work, knew no one and landed in the middle of a gorgeous neighbourhood in a house Faith and I like to call the “treehouse.”

While we know how extremely lucky and fortunate we were to have landed in such an amazing location – we only intended on staying for a few months… so when we got back from Nova Scotia from being home for Christmas, we knew it was time for us to make another big change in our lives. Shockingly, we’ve only casually been looking because there was no real hurry to leave where we were and when Faith stumbled across this place online we decided “okay let’s just go look.”

As soon as we walked in and smelled fresh paint and freshly cut wood we couldn’t walk away! We saw one other place and when it didn’t compare we knew we landed a gem with this place – so we submitted our application and after raving reviews from the people we know (thanks everyone!) we were offered the place.

This all happened this past Sunday.. 4 days ago – and we are moving in this Sunday! It was clearly meant to be.

I took a few pictures to give you a “before” and “after” we move in:

The Kitchen (all new appliances and a washer/dryer!)

The living room (with a big couch and 2 reclining chairs):

Anddddd a TV and cable – this is a luxury for us!

One bedroom:

Second bedroom:

And the bathroom!

That’s it for now, but this gives you a good idea of what it looks like. Once we move in and make it our own – I will take more photos! :)

Does anyone in the Vancouver area have a spare desk or dresser they’d like to donate to Faith and I? :)



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2 responses to “Times, they are a changin’

  1. Amanda

    Looks Awesome!! Whos room is whos?

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