Let me show you what I can do

Have you ever wanted something so badly that, ever though you thought knew you were capable of it, you were terrified to start?

You know you have the drive, determination and discipline to reach that goal, but have no idea how to get there?

I’ve held a personal challenge that I keep telling myself I will try once I get  “there.” There, is a fitness goal that is not defined by a scale, but rather by subtle differences noticeable only to myself and my mirror. So getting “there”  all depends on how I see that person staring back at me in the mirror.

A friend of mine recently reminded me of this challenge and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head… the thought of pushing myself to the complete edge is exciting and terrifying all at the same time… and yet I want it.

The Challenge: Crossfit

The passion that Camille LeBlanc- Bazinet eludes for crossfit is exactly the kind of approach I take any type of fitness challenge… I like crazy fitness and pushing myself to the limit to find out what I can do. I really should have been an extreme sports enthusiast when I was younger – I’m too reasonable now to start. Crossfit however, is the way of life I could see myself leading…

I know I keep preaching to find what it is you want and to go after it – stop sitting around watching time go by – but even I find it hard to find the courage and determination to stay focused.

I can promise you one thing, I will get to that point, I will walk through the crossfit doors and I will push myself harder than I’ve ever pushed myself before.

Now I just need to figure out where to begin… I want to walk though those crossfit doors and say: “Let me show you what I can do.”

Any crossfitters out there have any advice/support of where and how I should begin?



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2 responses to “Let me show you what I can do

  1. Crossfit has honestly changed my life in every single way possible! For the last two summers, I have joined a Crossfit gym in my hometown. I takes dedication, determination, focus and only leads to a sense of great accomplishment and strength. I recommend finding a Crossfit gym firstly and meeting your coach to whom you can trust with a positive atmosphere. Crossfit has taught me great form and technique that I only surprise myself and every WOD just how strong I truly am. Every day you will continuously challenge yourself- every WOD will be tough and the times where you think you just don’t know if you’ll get through the 20min, you’ll surprise yourself and next thing you know, the workout is done, and you’re lying on the floor knowing that you have just completed the challenge! Give yourself a pat on the back! YOU DID IT! With a community of Crossfitters, you are accountable to not only yourself, but to your Crossfit family! Good luck darling! Strong is the new Skinny!!!

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