21 Days

I was pinning today and I came across a quote that I related to 100%.

Today I have made it through 22 consecutive days of the Body for Life program (In case you missed it check out the plan here!) and I feel amazing. The shocking thing is not only do I haul myself out of bed every morning at 5:30am but I actually look forward to getting up and going to the gym. All I can say is that when you actually enjoy it, that means something.

I haven’t been updating my food journal every day because I honestly feel like I’ve been doing a good job with my food intake (minus a pint or a muffin every once in a while… and I’m saying maybe two or three four or five of each in total) since I started three weeks ago. I’ve been noticing huge changes in my stomach (come on flat toned stomach!), arms (a lot less jiggle and I’m starting to see definition), legs/glutes are only getting more defined and I’ve even noticed my shoulders/back is starting to slim down. I haven’t seen results like these since I did my first round of Insanity!

More importantly: I’ve completely kicked my peanut butter addiction! I haven’t had, nor craved peanut butter for 21 days!

The best part of this workout schedule is that once I get my workout done in the morning – I have the opportunity to do something else in the evenings and not feel over worked. I think it’s because of the great balance it gives you, upper body, intervals and lower body on different days. Sometimes when you get into a really intense workout program (*ahem* Insanity *ahem*) you are too tired to do anything else and your body won’t allow it… not on this program! I still feel like I’m getting a great workout and I’ve been hiking (the grouse grind), doing yoga classes (which I’m loving again by the way) and swimming (in icy cold potholes) on top of my daily workouts (see below)!

For example: This past weekend I spontaneously was invited to go on a road trip!

You know those moments when an opportunity presents itself out of know where and there’s no way you can say no? I had one of those moments this weekend! On Friday night my friend asked me if I wanted to go on a one-day road trip to Vancouver Island on Saturday to a place called Sooke Potholes and I jumped at the chance.

As most of you know, I am currently car-less and don’t get many opportunities to road trip around BC. So, whenever I get the chance for an adventure – I take it. The morning started at 5am getting ready, 6:30am driving to the ferry and 8am leaving Vancouver and heading to the island – swimming/cliff jumping/hiking for the day and catching the 7pm ferry home.

The water was crystal clear and icy cold! You could literally see 20-30 feet straight down!

Lesson of the day? Take as many chances as you can and go on random adventures, they will be the best memories you carry with you throughout your entire life.

I’m going to keep on keeping on this great program and keep shaping my Body for Life!
(Corny I know – but that’s the secret to life – make what you want to achieve as part of your lifestyle and it will happen!)

What spontaneous adventure did you go on this summer?


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  1. Amanda, you are incredible! You are tackling life in a way that people of my age, unfortunately, seem to completely miss. I am so happy to have crossed paths with you. Keep doing what you are doing, and inspiring so many others.
    p.s. even though I am in the final stages of marathon training, I took an awful lot away from your post. Thank you, Amanda!

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