Do whatever makes you happy

This post was originally going to give a really detailed description about my tough workout this morning:

Because it was tough to get through… really tough. It sucked a lot. But do you know what? I pushed through and LOVED it.

I love running intervals – It’s probably my favourite workout to do. More than distance running, more than biking, more than yoga and yes folks, even more than Insanity! Body for Life is a workout and nutrition regime that allows for flexibility – both exercise and food. It allows you to eat a lot. The food you are eating is nutritious, delicious and encourages you to workout and:

I know that Body for Life is the right workout regime for me because I enjoy pushing my body to its limit. I know it is not for everyone, most people find weight lifting and interval training too extreme for them and that’s ok! There’s something satisfying about being able to lift more than I could before, be able to do more sets than last week and watching my body change… and get stronger.

I feel like I have and will be able to continue to incorporate this type of program for life, which is what the program is designed for and encourages. The program is strict – but it’s up to you to enforce the severity of your personal strictness. If you want to see amazing results – follow it exactly. If you are just beginning, take one aspect of healthy living and work on incorporating it into your lifestyle. You can’t change your entire lifestyle all at once – it’s all about incorporating it in stages.

I don’t post my workouts and food journal because I think that YOU should follow the exact same thing. I post my lifestyle trials and tribulations to give other people ideas of how to makes healthy and exciting changes to their own. It you like something I do and think you will enjoy incorporating it into your life to be healthy and happy; you can do it!

 I honestly think if you are looking for results whether it be losing weight, gaining strength, toning up, or just feeling the workout endorphins pumping through your veins… you should find what you love and stick to it. Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t seeing the same results as other people… most of them are probably hating the workouts they are doing – life’s too short for that.

There’s something I love about pushing my body to my own max. My max isn’t the same as the others working out around me in the gym. My goals aren’t the same as theirs either. Even more importantly, we probably aren’t enjoying our workouts to the same extent either. No matter what workout you do – do one that makes you happy.

Find out what workout makes you happy, stronger, incredible and do it. Do it hard and do it often! ;)


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