Body for Life Challenge

I’m backkkkkk!
(Did you miss me?)

I’ve been slacking on updating like crazy because I’ve been enjoying this amazing Vancouver summer! From fireworks, to festivals, watching the sun set,

road trips, the pride parade,

 coffee shopping like crazy, sushi eating,

working out and working hard – I’ve been staying insanely busy and loving every minute of it.

Other than telling you everything is going awesome and I’m loving my first summer here in Vancouver it’s time to get to my next fitness/health challenge: Body for Life

What is Body for Life?

It’s a 12-week challenge that incorporates healthy/clean eating with a 6-day-a-week strength and cardio plan. The premise of the plan is to eat 5-6 small (very healthy) meals a day, drink a lot of water and follow the workout plan outlined here:

Body for Life Charts

If you want to know the full story on Body for Life by Bill Phillips go here.

As you may or may not know – I’ve been struggling with weight loss since a very young age and while I am fit, happy and healthy as the weight I am now… I love to challenge myself and I will reach my fitness goals.

I’m falling asleep as I type this but stay tuned tomorrow I will chart out my plan, explain my food plan and record all my measurements!

Any one up for doing this challenge with me?



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5 responses to “Body for Life Challenge

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  2. Aaron

    Just started 2 weeks ago!

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  4. Amberlyn

    I start tomorrowww !!!! =]

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