Livin’ it up – Van Style

I’m giving this blog-on-iPhone a shot as I’m driving on the bus to work (did I mention how wonderful public transit is?). I wanted to update everyone on how this week has been health and fitness wise!

Today is day 4 on my 6-week, 10k running plan and I’ve been staying on track! On Monday and Tuesday I ran just over 3 miles in about 30ish minutes – which is good – but nowhere near the pace I used to be. I really think it sucks that once you stop a certain activity for a while your body loses it’s edge and ability :( However, that being said – I know how to get my body back into running shape so it’s my goal.

The night before last I decided for some strange reason that I wanted to workout hard, so I did. I did an ab workout, a kettlebell workout and I went for a run. I was sore before I even went to bed and this morning I was still sore!

Work has been going wonderful and is very busy – which I love. Plus I’m still blown away by the incredible location!


I’ve already found an amazing local coffee shop, a sushi place that serves black rice sushi (supposedly it’s better for you than both white and brown rice? I need to do my research!) and you can’t beat being able to lay on the beach 2 minutes from your office!


Yesterday was so beautiful I got Faith to meet me downtown after work and we headed to Coal Harbour to check out the water front park. It is gorgeous and I think is one of my favorite places to date!





I tool yesterday off from working out and went for a nice long walk from my place in Kits all the way down the Jericho Beach with a friend – so I got some physical activity in!

My food intake has been pretty good – but a few ideas are still in my head about a specific food plan to stick to (high-protein vegetarian diet, the paleo diet, the 4-hour body or maybe it’s jut a very strict clean-eating diet) but that will come once I I’m financially stable and I sell my car back in Halifax. Whew! So much on the go- but I’m balancing out just fine. One thing before another!

Currently on my agenda:
– Sell car
– Buy bicycle (bike to work everyday)
– Find a kettlebell class to go to 2-3 times a week
– Go to 2 yoga classes minimum a week
– Pick a food regimen (not a diet per-say) and stick to it!
– Get my finances back in order (and start saving/investing!)
– Make the most out of this exciting summer in Vancouver!

Oh yea and one of my favorite people in the entire world, Kaylee Hake, is coming next Wednesday for 6 days! Ahhhhh so exited.

Ps. Incase you don’t know- Canada Day is my favorite holiday and it’s next Friday! :D



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6 responses to “Livin’ it up – Van Style

  1. M

    Canada day must be your favourite holiday due to the fact that it is also my brithday?! Thought soooo! :)
    I am glad things are going well friend, I miss you lots!

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  3. you really know how to make the most of life, Amanda :) I’m glad we’ve met and had a (brief) chance to work together. I hope there are a lot more opportunities to work together in the future and of course there will be chances to just get together. Enjoy the Vancouver weekend, my friend.
    xo barb

    • Thanks Barb :) I am sad that you have left the Park Board, but you better believe we will be seeing each other throughout this summer! Who knows where our paths are going to cross in the future.. We do both work for the city afterall :)

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