Let’s get this PR on the road!

I officially quit my serving job!

Wahoo! If you are or have ever been a server you fully understand the crushing feeling of having to work nights and weekends (opposite of everyone else in your life), missing out on many fun times and hardly having any time to yourself. Now that I’m working full-time for the Park Board I really do not need to work a second job – and since it was such a personal struggle for me to do it in the first place – I got rid of it!

This weekend has felt in-cred-ible. Not having to worry about getting to work on time for my shift has made me so much happier and way less anxious. Honestly, the money isn’t worth my time. I’ve really started to realize that I need to get back to listening to my own heart and doing what I want to do. Earlier this week when I was struggling to let go of that job one of my friends simply told me:

If you judge yourself than you also make yourself a victim. Don’t do that – just go with what’s in your heart, always.

Simply said – I was making the decision harder and more stressful than I needed to. So, I called the restaurant and thanked them for the opportunity, wished them the best and handed in my resignation letter.

Now that I got one thing off my thought list (you know those things that are always rolling around in your mind then aren’t really “to do’s” or “tasks” but large items that have a much heavier weight on your conscience and heart? – I call that my “thought list”) It’s onto the next!

Random fact of the day – I love being around people! In case you don’t know me personally, I have to admit that I cannot sit around my house very long periods of time. This might explain why I’m ALWAYS at coffee shops blogging, meeting people or reading, etc.  It was my love for being around people who caused me to start going to coffee shops… which then resulted in my coffee addiction.

Moving forward – Since I’ve completed Insanity 2.0 it’s time to conquer the next goal and PR: Complete a 10k!

So incase you haven’t checked out my goals or missed the water-bottle goal setting post (<- check them out!) this blog was created with several goals in mind and one of the main ones was to track my running progress. By talking about my trials and tribulations, setting my personal PR’s and learning what works and doesn’t work for me  – I hope to help others along this same journey.When my new friend Leah asked me if I wanted to run the Squamish Days 10k Run – I realized there was no time like the present and agreed!I’ve set my running goals and there is no time like the present to start working towards achieving them!

Starting tomorrow I am starting a 6-week, 10k running plan! I’ve run 10k before but never in a RACE.

I found two really good 6-week running plans online that I had to decide between. The first one is this running plan online from Cari-fit.com:

Week    Day 1*    Day 2           Day 3        Day 4        Day 5         Day 6      Day 7
1          EP 6mi.      HR 25 min.  WT/FLX    RP 4 mi.      SR 30 min.    Off       RP 4 mi.
2         EP 6.5mi.   HR 30 min.  WT/FLX    RP 4.5 mi.   SR 35 min.    Off       RP 5 mi.
3         EP 7mi       HR 35 min.   WT/FLX    RP 5 mi.      SR 35 min.    Off       RP 5.5 mi.
4         EP 7mi.      HR 40 min.  WT/FLX    RP 5.5 mi.   SR 40 min.    Off       RP 5.5 mi.
5         EP 7.5mi.   HR 45 min.  WT/FLX    RP 6 mi.      SR 40 min.    Off       RP 6 mi.
6         EP 7.5mi.   HR 45 min.  WT/FLX    RP 6.2mi.    Off                  Off        RACE!

* You can designate Day 1 as any day of the week.

RP = Race Pace: Try to run at your goal pace for race day (ex. 8-minute mile pace). For the first few weeks, you will need to do 1-mile repeats. So, after your warmup run at your goal RP for 1 mile, rest and repeat for the miles indicated on the schedule.
EP = Easy Pace: Jog comfortably at an easy pace, about 2-3 minutes per mile shy of your goal pace (ex. if your goal is 8-minute miles, then run at a 9.5 to 11-minute mile pace).
HR = Hill Run: Warm up for 5 to 10 minutes. Alternate 1-minute hill slow jog intervals (at 12 to 18% incline on the treadmill) with 1-minute flat slow jog intervals or walk (if you need it).
SR = Sprint Run: Warmup jog for 5 to 10 minutes, then run at RP for 1 mile (ex. 8 minutes), rest, then do sprints for the last 10 to 15 minutes. Alternate 30 seconds of sprinting with 1 to 2 minutes of slow jog jogging or walking. Your sprint pace should be an all-out sprint that you can’t hold for more than 30-45 seconds.
WT = Weight Training (45 to 60 minutes). Do upper body, lower body and core. It’s important to be balanced…so try to work a little of everything.
FLX = Flexibility exercises, foam roller and/or yoga class.

The second one I found from ActionAid’s fitness professional Jane Wake. You can see the full PDF here! After reviewing both – I’m going to go with the second one because I feel like it will fit my running style better and will allow me to increase my speed and ability nicely.

Running is actually in fact only one half of the training – the other is eating. I still struggle greatly with knowing exactly how much, how frequently and what to eat. I’ve been finding tricks and tips from individuals and online but it’s still a struggle. Even though I’m doing pretty good with eating clean and healthy foods – I know my portion sizes are too large for what I should be eating. Over the next few weeks (everything is a gradual process!) I’m going to try to incorporate people’s suggestions and tips into my own schedule and see if I can learn to master the art of healthy eating.

Do you find it beneficial to making several meals to have for the week – or do you like making something new every night for dinner?

On that note – I didn’t snack tonight and now it’s time to get to bed so I can get up early for my first run! Here goes nothing!



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2 responses to “Let’s get this PR on the road!

  1. Hi Amanda! Thanks for checking out my blog and my “How to Train for a 10k blog post”! 10k’s are so much fun and training for one is a great way to get in shape. You are right though…diet is half the battle! Keep us updated on your training and if you need any diet tips, be sure to visit my site. Thanks!

    • Thanks Cari! I am excited to start feeling the benefits from regular running again! I used to run all the time then decided to do a different fitness activity and it’s time to get back to it! I will for sure keep following your blog- great tips!

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