When one door closes…

I have a very important and exciting announcement to make!

I’ve secured a full-time Public Relations/Communications job with Vancouver Parks and Recreation!

No, it’s not with lululemon. But hey, that’s ok because I am very excited to report that as of next week I will be working in the communications department for Vancouver Parks and Recreation! When I first moved to Vancouver, I started to seek out job prospects that weren’t necessarily open per-say.. but places that I could ideally see myself working. Parks and Recreation was one of them.

Three weeks after arriving I attended a speakers series in which the General Manager of Vancouver Parks and Recreation spoke about several key points in regards to how the Olympics affected parks and recreation and their next goals as an organization. He raised several very interesting points that I felt I could relate to and were huge goals that need to be achieved over the next few years – so I emailed him. He received my email quite well – so well in fact that he saw the passion I felt about Parks and Recreation and passed me along to his second in command! I met with her not long after and we had a wonderful conversation about the organization, their passions and goals and linked that with my own – they were quite similar. She then informed me that they were having a board meeting the next morning and that she would mention me and pass along the fact that if anyone needed a communications person – to give me a call.

I didn’t hear back from anyone so I left it at that and kept on going. I did all I could to make contacts and showed them who I was – that’s all you can do when there is no actual position opening! It was now in their hands and I honestly never thought I’d hear anything back from anyone… until right in the middle of all the lululemon excitement – someone contacted me from the communications department of Vancouver Parks and Recreation!

I was shocked and blown away that I was being contacted out of the blue – but knew I had to take every opportunity that came my way seriously until I had something completely secure – so I was delighted to go meet with the communications manager.

I just want to point out that at this point I literally have 4 different options (each as equally beneficial to me) sitting in my lap and had no idea what path I was going to take (or be offered to be completely honest). All I knew was that this time – my passion, ambition and drive had been noticed and they were contacting me!

After the next few days had passed I found out about lululemon, was contacted by another department with lululemon, was working at the restaurant and doing social media work all at the same time. Needless to say, decisions had to be made and as one door closes… another door opens.

This week I was offered a Communications Assistant role with Vancouver Parks and Recreation! This is VERY exciting because it’s going to be a position in which I will use my Public Relations skills and be doing great work that will be meaningful to me. The location of the office – get this – is at the entrance to Stanley Park and right on the beach! How can you complain about that?

All in all, I am very excited to start this role. I am very anxious to use my skills and learn from the professionals in the field. I think everything is a learning process and let me tell you… these past three months have been the learning process of a lifetime. I’ve realized a lot about myself and what I’m capable of – met some fantastic people who have helped me get to this point – and had to make some big (none easy) decisions.

In my mind – this is why I came to Vancouver. I am ready to start my career, enjoy my life and start making my Mark on the World!

(Even if it isn’t with lululemon…yet!)




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2 responses to “When one door closes…

  1. Jacquie

    Ya ya ya!! So happy and proud of you :) All of your hard work and determination has paid off. Go you!

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