We’re here for a Good Time…

Hey all – It’s Update Time!

I’m sorry I’ve been slacking on the updates, but with my life situation in such uncertainty, starting a new job and working another job, I wanted to step back and let things fall where they may.

Firstly, I have to report that lululemon got back to me and I did not get the internship. Although I was slightly upset for a period of time, I believe that everything happens for a reason and even though I did not get this internship I gave it my absolute heart and soul. That video application was a true reflection of who I am, what I stand for and what I’m capable of. The recruiting manager got back to me on Friday letting me know that they hired someone else with mobile application experience, which I did not have. However, on the bright side he expressed the fact that they were very impressed by my application and are keeping me in mind for other potential opportunities.

On that note, I am not giving up. I do believe that I would make a perfect addition to the lululemon team and I want to live my life working for a company that aligns with my personal values and morals. I believe that when one door closes another door opens and that my opportunities are still endless – who knows which direction I will go. I strongly feel that you have to give your all, stay positive and believe that positive things will come – so I’m not giving up.

Other than that, it’s been an interesting week of decision-making and choosing what to focus my time and energy on. I have taken a serving job at The Boathouse Restaurant on the Kitsilano Beach – and although very hesitant to start serving again – the people there are wonderful. Let’s face it – I’m a people person. I thrive off of social engagement and it makes my life happier and more meaningful. I need to get out of my house everyday and be productive, so I might as well meet some new people and make some money in the process! My week has basically been consumed by training and working.

Front of Boathouse

From the front door looking out to the beach (It’s LITERALLY this close!)

I spent yesterday moping around all morning (Yes, even I have those days!) until Faith convinced me to get out and go for a walk and I immediately felt better! I headed down to my favourite coffee shop, 49th Parallel with a book and settled in for an afternoon of reading and latte drinking before heading to the Boathouse for my 6th (of 7) training shift.

This morning I went downtown to the Robson St. lululemon for a free class with lululemon global ambassador Chris Chavez! It was so early to get up after working late last night… but it was so worth it! The class was fun and kicked off my Sunday morning with positivity and physical activity (two of my favourite things)! I cannot wait to start incorporating yoga into my life on a more daily basis!

After having coffee with my new friend Liz (@wizwohnson <- check her out on twitter!), Faith and I headed a few blocks down our street to the Kits Farmers Market! I am in love with the fact that we have a farmers market literally 5 minutes away from our front door – this is going to be an AMAZING summer!

I’m starting my last week of Insanity this week! How CRAZY is that? I cannot believe how much my body has changed, how much stronger I am and that I’ve been able to stay focused. I’m very determined and I when I set my mind to something – I get it done!

I’m thinking hard about what my next fitness goal will be starting the week after next… any ideas?

On another exciting note – I’m heading home to Halifax THIS FRIDAY! I leave late Thursday night Vancouver time and get in every early Friday morning Halifax time. I’m coming home for my friend’s wedding and I’m very excited to visit home for a few days.

I hope you are all having a great long weekend! Thanks for all your support over the past few weeks – I will not be giving up in the near future… stay tuned!



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6 responses to “We’re here for a Good Time…

  1. Liz

    Yes! The start of a beautiful thing.

    • Agreed! You’ve got to find your ways over the walls and keep on going! Thanks for a wonderful class this morning Liz – I enjoyed it SO much… i’m feeling a huge yoga integration in my near future! :)

  2. Nicole Snow

    good for you baby, you’re going to get what you want. you work so hard! :)<3

  3. Jeff

    Amanda! I am deeply sorry to hear about not getting the position with Lululemon. However, there will be a day where you will look back and realize that by placing one foot in front of the other, and taking everything for what it is instead of for what it isn’t, it has truly made you a stronger person and given you the ability to concur anything you set your mind to! Keep up the hard work! You’re a great person with a strong heart and mind and inspire people to be great! Miss you!

  4. Kaylee

    I cannot wait to hit up the market with you!!! Also, its crazy that I am going to see you in like 6 days!!!

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