Rainy Day Blues

When is this rain going to endddd?


According to several locals, this spring has been the rainiest spring in 40 years! I’m not one to openly complain – but PLEASE Mother Nature let the sun come out! I want to see the mountains behind North Van, be able to walk outside without my umbrella and smell the beautiful flowers. I also want to not feel closed in and miss out on the wonderful landscape Vancouver has to offer.

So, please Mother Nature – I beg you to let the clouds clear and let the sun shine down on beautiful Vancouver! (I hope this works!)

On another note: I have officially completed Insanity 2.49 (round 2, day 49) or seven of nine weeks! 

Time is literally zooming by and before I know it I will be moving on to my next fitness goal (TBA depending on several factors… I will keep you all updated)! It is insane how much my fitness has improved and how slimed out my core is getting… I am SO CLOSE to reaching my goal. Today I tackled Max Cardio Conditioning and I noticed a huge improvement in how far I could push myself. You will be proud of yourself and see huge results in your body if you stick to the plan: Insanity works!

If you need some extra encouragement or have any questions feel free to contact me!

This weekend has been full of anxiousness and uncertainty. I’m literally all over the place with work options and I’m hoping things will finally fall into place this week. Since last weeks’ craziness of the lululemon Internship application plus working with We Make Stuff Happen and starting at a new restaurant… I’ve barely had time to breathe. However, through all of this craziness it’s really allowed me to appreciate how far I’ve come, the people who have gotten me here and the possibilities that lay ahead. I’m glad I am busy but crave that steady income and routine. It’s close – I can feel it!

I’ve taken a serving job at a really busy restaurant on Kits beach to fill the financial gaps for the next few months while my life goals fall into place. Unfortunately, money runs the world and we can’t live without money. If I had it my way I would live within reasonable means and only make enough to live… but bills add up and most of the time we need more money than we would ideally like to make. Depending on the outcomes of several job opportunities, my summer could go into two very different directions. Without sounding too overly excited… I REALLY hope I’m chosen for the lululemon internship, but I’m prepared to fall into a different path and very lucky to be able to have a few backup plans already in place if I don’t. Sometimes you just need to appreciate how far you’ve come and keep calm and carry on.

I will let you all know once I know!

My favourite part of my day: This delicious latte from 49th Parallel:

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and are starting to get excited for the summer! I plan on doing a lot of BC road trips and starting to knock a few things of my bucket list!

Do you have any trips or big events planned for the upcoming summer? I need some ideas!


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5 responses to “Rainy Day Blues

  1. Elyse Gregor

    Congrats on the interview and GOOD LUCK!:) I am so impressed with your go-getting, independent, kick ass attitude. You’re an inspiration to all :) XOX

  2. Wow, I’m impressed! I need to motivate myself enough to do something like the insanity work out! I’ve heard good things! Any tips? Also that latte looks delicious! =)

    • You should definitely look into Insanity! It’s a ridiculously good workout but it’s TOUGH. My #1 tip is to prepare and commit yourself to it. It’s a 6-day a week program and sometimes we tend to overlook fitness when our lives are overly busy. Once you set it in your head that your workout is an important part of your day (just like eating, brushing your teeth, going to work, etc..) you will be able to fly through it! If you want more information or specifics don’t hesitate to email me!
      Ps. Latte’s make my life complete! :)

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