Insanity: Month 2

I’m happy to share that I’ve successfully made it toMonth #2 of Insanity!

I know I haven’t been updating on a daily basis (unless of course you follow me on Twitter!) But I completed Insanity 2.38: Max Cardio Conditioning today! This week has been H-A-R-D so far (I have to admit I actually found it hard to walk the past few days because I’ve been THAT sore all over again). I started the week off with the Fit Test (a workout in itself) + Max Interval Circuit which took 1.5h to complete back to back. I have no idea how I made it through max interval circuit (60 full minutes of insane cardio) but I did – and it felt incredible.

That being said – I am definitely toning up and getting stronger! Check out my numbers for Fit Test #3!

I know I’ve been slacking on keeping my daily food blog picture posting – but it’s honestly because I’ve been doing so well that I haven’t felt the need to blog everything to keep myself accountable! I believe that your food and fitness goals can only be achieved by incorporating them comfortably into your lifestyle. In order to reach the point in which you trust your moderation skills (you can eat and drink whatever you want – everything in moderation!), I think it’s important to find the ways to help you stay accountable. Similarity to writing everything down, I find that blogging about everything you eat is just as effective. You don’t want to set goals and commit to posting everything you eat only to eat bad things!

By the way I have decided to give up Peanut Butter (I know it’s good for you.. but my moderation of it cannot be controlled!), Alcohol (I might as well get the best results possible if I’m going to do Insanity right?) and Baked Goods (I’m a coffee shop addict people – muffins and coffee are my weakness!) There. Now you can all hold me accountable!

How do you monitor your food intake? Do you have any advice or tips for success?

As some of you may or may not know, I struggled with this for a very long time and learned that in order to see success I needed to hold myself accountable. I’ve been reluctant to share my health and fitness journey but you can check out my weight loss story on Scott’s Your Inner Skinny blog! Last year he heard about the struggles I’d overcome and asked to feature me on his health and fitness blog. Stay tuned for an up-to-date version coming soon!

That being said today was a great day! I got a lot of work done (Job #1), worked out, had a job interview (Job #2 – which I got!) and met a new friend for coffee and social media chatting!

It’s so refreshing to talk and connect with someone who shares the same views on the benefits of using social media platforms to develop connections! Whether you are using it to increase awareness of your business, develop positive working relationships, or purely to increase your online presence – social media is where it’s at! Tyrell (@TyrellMara) and I both see social media platforms as the new means of driving positive connections and it’s important to develop these online connections into real working relationships. By using social media your business will increase its ROI – but you’ve got to make sure to communicate, engage and connect with real people as you do it. 

To read more check out Tyrell’s great social media insights and opinions on his blog!

What was your best Social Media influenced experience/connection? What came out of it for you or your business?

Lastly! Do you or do you know someone who needs to learn how to effectively use social media for business? Check out We Make Stuff Happen‘s Social Media 101 Seminar! There’s only a few seats left so reserve your spot before the opportunity runs out!



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9 responses to “Insanity: Month 2

  1. J.R.

    There are few if any people with the kind of motivation you have. In much the same way, I have also found that keeping a list of goals really paves the way to living a fantastic life.

    BTW, Very impressed with your fitness test scores. I’m 4 days away from completing my first round of insanity, never missed a single day for any reason. My friends thought I was crazy ;)

    • Thanks J.R. so much for commenting! I am very close to completing round two! Not missing any days is true dedication and not many are capable of doing so. Congrats to you! Let me know how your results were when you finish up!

      • J.R.

        Hey Amanda,

        My results are in and I thought I would let you know how things went!

        Overall, taking the difference between my initial and final scores, I had an improvement of 135 extra repetitions. Even though I was in much better condition, I still felt sick as a dog after that last test :P
        My friends are blown away by the changes my body went through though, as am I.
        Apart from yourself, many people commented this week on my level of motivation to get things done. It’s really a terrible cycle of positive feedback, because now I’m even more determined to finish my list of things to do.

        PS. I found your blog during my last week when I googled “Insanity schedule” to figure out what workout I had to do that day. Upon reading a few of your other posts….I was somewhat shocked to realize not only is this girl just as crazy as I am (if not more so) but I also live about a 20 minute walk from the boathouse…. Of all the blogs of all the people in the world I could have stumbled upon… it’s funny that this was the one.

      • Hi J.R.,

        Congratulations on finishing! It’s funny what motivation and determination can do eh? I find that not only does reaching your goal make you more motivated to set new and more ambitious ones… but if the goal is fitness related it elevates your chance of getting it done substantially! Achieving fitness goals is what started me on this wonderful (vicious?) cycle of hardcore determination. What’s next on your list?

        That is very odd that we live in the same area! You never know who you could walk by on a daily basis – life is crazy like that!

  2. J.R.

    I have a bunch of fitness related goals going on right now, most of them aimed at being able to complete the super-iron man event at UBC’s storm the wall next year.

    A couple music related items on my list are close to being done…

    In more delicious news I have just started my “Make everything in a cook book” task a couple days ago.

    Hmm… Do you mind if I Facebook you? In a weird way it would probably help me keep myself on track… I use my facebook as my own tracking tool in a certain respect

  3. Tony

    Just started month 2 as well.. I though MIC was intense. there were a couple instances were I had to take a breather, and others where I has to modify the excercise a little. I am hoping to see a six pack by the end of month 2. I am having trouble dialing in on the meals. It would appear that this is common and I now beleive that meals is really the nexas. If the routine is going to work that much focus has to be placed on it. I have for years comsumed high protein diet, including shakes. At 50, and weight training since 12 I have never had 6 pack…..keep up the good work sister. Cheers!

    • Hey Tony!
      Congrats on starting month two! Yes, I definitely felt that I had to slow the reps, or slightly alter the exercises to make it through – that’s totally normal.
      Oh yes, the food IS the hardest part. I’m currently eating about 95% paleo right now doing kettlebell training 5 days a week working towards finally sliming down alllllll the way down and taking my certification. My body is so used to working out intensely, it’s definitely the strict food diet that will be the difference maker. Let me know if you need some suggestions and tips :)
      Keep it up and DIG DEEP!

  4. Tony

    Max Inertal Plyo was harder….I take back what I said yesterday LOL

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