Life is Like a Puzzle

I am happy to report I’ve made it through two whole months in the YVR! Vancouver has treated me very well so far and I feel like I’m right on track! I’ve been making connections, developing my own personal online brand, putting myself on the line and being nothing short of honest, real and authentic. BUT (why is there always a but?) the picture still is not clear.

I do know a few things for certain and the focus on these topics are absolutely crystal clear.

1. Social media is here to stay and I fully intend on being on the forefront of social media communications.

2. You better believe that I’m going to make my path known. I want to set goals, achieve them and set new, gargantuan, scary/exciting ones.

3. I am passionate about making an impact on the lives of others. Whether it’s in small ways or huge ones – I want to put some positivity back into the hearts of people. I want to give people the strength to believe that they can do something spectacular with their own lives.

If there was ever a time in my life to take a leap of faith – this. is. it. I know this it right, that I should be exactly where I am and I feel lucky to have so many possibilities literally at my finger tips.

I mean come on, when your street looks like this:

You randomly stumble across this on the sidewalk under your feet:

And this is literally 20 minutes from your front door:

… Not to mention the fantastically creative ideas that inspire innovative thoughts sitting in the downtown streets:

How could you not feel like each of these tiny pieces have been strategically designed with their own unique fit that piece together the BIG picture sitting right in front of you?

But what is that picture? It’s too blurry to make out – but I can see the vibrant glow of the colors streaming together trying to shape into something that I will recognize… but what is the 20/20? I’ve had a few iffy decisions/situations since arriving here a mere two months ago… but I’m trusting my intuition and sticking to my heart even if it means turning down good opportunities. Amazingly enough, just after ending a questionable situation I read my horoscope in the newspaper and it read this:

It’s hard to describe the feeling of the world sitting in the palm of your hands. I feel like I’ve got to grab the ball and run with it… only I’m a little kid in a ball room not knowing which ball I should take. The feeling is like sitting down at a roulette table with your entire life savings laid out for all to see and not knowing which number to place the entirety of your life on.

Red or black? Once you’ve chosen your path there’s no turning back. There’s no more “what ifs? because you’ve already set sail on the path you’ve chosen.

This is me, Amanda Munro, I’ve got everything to offer and am willing to put my heart and soul into the picture. I have the potential to make an incredible mark on this world but am having a hard time imagining what that mark looks like. I’m laying everything out on the line because it’s now or never. I figure I might as well take life one crazy and oddly shaped piece at a time… because the big picture is always worth the struggle of figuring out how it’s supposed to look in the end.


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