Catch-up Time

I hope you all don’t mind that I’ve been very slack on tracking and posting food pictures! I’ve been so busy that I honestly have let that part of my blogging slip off the charts. I promise I have been doing good and continuing to eat healthy. I am thinking of trying out a strict food diet… I will let you know about it when I figure out my plan.

In the mean time here is last night’s dinner at the Water Shed Arts Cafe – roasted veggie and goat cheese panini + a small cup of veggie chili! It was delicious!

As far as today goes  breakfast was the typical oats (I seriously do not think I am ever going to get sick of them!), mid day snack was a few ryvita crackers, hummus + salsa with half a banana with spoonful of PB! As the day went on I ventured down to the beach (13 blocks from my doorstep) and applied for a job.. details to come.

 It wasn’t very warm, but the view was breathtaking. I cannot wait for summer here in Kits!


Once I got home it was Insanity time! When it comes to fitness – I’ve been right on track!

I’m now into “Recovery Week.” For those of you who have done the Core Cardio and Balance workout – I’m sure you can agree that it’s not exactly pure “recovery.” I was sweating pretty profusely by the end of it! It’s actually crazy how hard some of the same exercises are when you get into the workout. Even though you are used to doing the same exercises in the other workouts, you don’t have the intense warm up you typically do and it makes a HUGE difference!

 Dinner consisted of an egg white omelette + ezekiel toast + salsa. Delish!

 Now we are watching the Canucks game 7 vs. the Blackhawks! We are up 1-0 and have our fingers crossed!

Are you all following the playoffs? Who’s your team?



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2 responses to “Catch-up Time

  1. Your meals sound very healthy and delicious. I have been testing a gluten free diet and been impressed with the results.

    • Thanks Gary! Yes, I’ve spoken to many people who have seen wonderful benefits of a gluten-free diet. I try to limit the amount of gluten I eat and find that it works well for me. Good luck with your plan :) Let me know if you have any questions – I just might know the answers!

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