Back at It!

What an AMAZING weekend!

I have been so on the go that I haven’t even had the chance to tell you all about it! My 23rd birthday was on Saturday, and honestly it was a champagne birthday I will never forget! It started out very early when Faith, Ambrose (awesome british roommate who has a car and loves road trips just as much as we do!), and I hopped in the car and headed towards the Sea to Sky Highway!

The sun was shining, the car was ready and after we made a pit stop at Elysian coffee (for me of course!) we were on our way!

We drove through Stanley Park, over the Lion’s Gate Bridge and through West Vancouver past Horseshoe Bay and then we hit the amazing section of the Sea to Sky! If that wasn’t beautiful enough the view only got more beautiful from there!

Words cannot express the view and feeling of driving amongst the snow-peaked mountains with the clear blue ocean on our left. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire drive! We decided to go past Squamish (we’d already been here!), past Whistler and hit Pemberton! Once we got to the small town we drove through the little downtown and were heading into farm land when we decided to turn around. It was hilarious because we heard that Pemberton was beautiful but so far we saw nothing overly impressive – until we turned around! Unknowingly, the incredible Mt. Currie was behind us the whole time!

It was after noon now, so what better time than now to enjoy a wonderful craft brew and sit on the patio! It was around 18 degrees and sunny!

After a quick lunch we headed back towards Whistler and made a quick pit stop at the Nairn Falls!

For some odd reason I thought it would be fun to run the 1.5k trail in my boots… it ended very sweaty and with achy feet – but it was worth it! Supposedly when the snow really starts to melt – the water flow is really powerful and amazing.

Onward to Whistler!

Once we arrived we realized that it was very,very busy! I guess there were some big events going on for the weekend and with the beautiful weather – was there. It was great to finally see the mountains and the village even though we weren’t there to ski. After a quick beverage we were off again!

The drive home was just as, if not more impressive. The ocean mixed with the islands and the Sunshine coast in the distance was stunning.

Once we finally returned home it was already 6pm and we were exhausted! After a quick rest we got ready to head out for dinner with a few friends. We decided to check out a local place called Joey Broadway and it was wonderful. The 5 of us had a few drinks, some munchies and celebrated the true champagne birthday style: With CHAMPAGNE!

(I have to admit I’m not a fan of champagne but I did enjoy a small taste in celebration!)

The night ended off with us heading to catch a few local bands play downtown. I had an absolutely wonderful day and honestly it could not have gotten much better. Sunshine + driving + coffee + good people + celebratory drinks = storybook birthday.

Thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes – you are all far too kind! :)

Time to get back at it! I’m through month 1 of Insanity! This week is now the Recovery Week before I hit the intense month 2! Ahhhh! I’m pumped!

Check back later tonight for the Easter Dinner Recap!


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