Coping with Stress

Hey All!

I was going to post last night, but after the day I had my post would not have been very pretty. Long story short -> Job Hunting is not fun nor easy. When you are seriously looking for that one opportunity and know you are qualified but just cannot seem to find it, feeling overwhelmed is inevitable.  

Yesterday was not fun, but today was a new day and I had an interview + a meeting + work to do! It was also one of the nicest spring days Vancouver has seen this year!

The morning started with yummy oats!

After some work and job searching from home I got ready and headed to a job interview!

Coffee first!

 I basically had no idea what to expect and it went ok, but I don’t think it’s what I’m looking for… it’s basically pure “sales marketing.” I wasn’t really feeling it – but then again I’m leaving ALL of my options open so we will see what happens.

I headed out from there and walked down to the beautiful Granville Island for a meeting. On my walk down I decided to take a different route and stumbled across this street:

You know the road is steep when there are ridges in the sidewalk! It was an interesting walk down. Thank god I wasn’t wearing heals!

Upon arriving on Granville Island I was a little early so I walked around and found some lunch!

After a lovely meeting (PR skills + $ = making things happen) I walked back to Kits in the sunshine. I finally got to Skype with a special lady whom I miss terribly, got some work done and headed home.

The evening consisted of making dinner with Faith and watching the Vancouver Canucks lose to the Chicago Blackhawks! :(

I’m on a huge salad frenzy lately! I’m loving the freshness of the veggies topped with cheeses or nuts or protein! Such a great filling meal :) Last nights’ salad consisted of spinach + romaine + green peppers + mushrooms + goat cheese + blue berries + almonds + walnuts drizzled with a few squirts of feta oregano! It was hearty and had cheese and nuts, but only a small amount of each.

 Tonight’s salad consisted of spinach + romaine + green peppers + mushrooms + tomato+ goat cheese + a boiled egg topped with the same dressing! It was delicious!

This evening I got word that I should have a lot of work coming up which makes me very excited! Not only do I hate sitting around all day (I know I like working, I’m weird) but the money issue needs solving asap. I’m learning how to deal with “real stress” more so now then I have ever felt before. I thought the stress related to school was nuts… I’ve realized now that it’s nothing compared to real life money stress in order to live.

I fully believe that nothing worth having is easy and I’m determined to keep up my morale and continue searching for that job. I know that everything will work itself out and that I will figure it out as I go. I just hope this is the one and only chapter of my life that my biggest concern is money… did I ever mention I HATE MONEY? Well, ok maybe it’s a love/hate relationship. Either way I’m learning how I react to stress and figuring out how I personally need to deal with it. Stress for me is reduced with exercise and fitness.

Lesson in itself? Perhaps this is the lesson I’m supposed to be learning right now in my life…  I think so! Who knows… maybe the job is right under my nose!

On that note time for Insanity and off to bed – Night!



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3 responses to “Coping with Stress

  1. Karen G

    You’ll be fine!!!!

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