Working from Home

I’ve officially been in Vancouver for over six whole weeks now and even though I don’t know a lot about the city – I feel completely adjusted. Some days are more stressful than others (I’m working on keeping the stress to a minimum because we all know stress doesn’t drive productivity nor is good for your body) but days like today I have to accept that I’ve just got to stay focused and let things happen.

I’m on a mission to spend less money because when money out > money in, you have got to control expenditures. Last night Faith and I decided to watch the Canuck’s game from home online (for free!) and make dinner at home versus going out to watch it.

Woo money-saving!

This morning instead of running out to a coffee shop I decided to stay in and try my home concentration skills. After breakfast:

I found myself sitting on my bed with my window open, breathing in the fresh crisp BC air.

I enjoyed the comfort of my room… but I hated not having anywhere to be. This is my struggle with being jobless… I actually thrive on schedules, timelines and due-dates! So when everything is on my terms – I tend to slack. I’ve been job searching and trying to find ways to get that opportunity, but so far no luck. I know I have to set myself apart from the crowd – so once I find that job, I have got to really wrap my head around my next plan… stay tuned!

Once I get to the point of frustration I know it’s workout time. I need to workout in order to calm myself and re-focus – and it works SO well for me. Today I tackled Insanity 2.22 (I’m counting my days off in order to keep the numbers straight FYI!)Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs! It hurt so good :)

I’ve actually been following the new Insanity: Ayslum reviews because it was JUST released… and I cannot wait to get my hands on it as soon as I finish this round of Insanity! Ahhh excited!

I officially felt cabin fever setting in so I had to venture out – and BAM here I find myself sitting at Arbutus Coffee writing this blog post, trying to organize my potential job interests and applications.

I just have to mention that I LOVE Kits and feel so fortunate that I found a place here to live. It kind of makes everything else seem less important when you live somewhere you love.

Time to enjoy my coffee and reply to some emails :)


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