Driving Love

I’m on a blogging frenzy today!

I thought I’d do a separate post today with all the food and health and soul-loving happenings of the past few days. First I have to talk and rave about the wonderful road-trip to Squamish yesterday! It was very last-minute, but Faith, our housemate Ambrose and I jumped in his car and headed into the mountains. It was literally breath-taking and made me speechless.

If you haven’t already watched my vlog – go check it out!

Lunch yesterday – photo via Faith :)

This morning consisted of coffee at our favourite cafe (shout out to Rachel!), doing some work for a few hours and then it was adventure time! Faith and I have yet to check out “The Drive” in Vancouver which everyone raves about. It’s known for its small unique boutiques, multitudes of restaurants and lots and lots of cafes! :)

The real goal was to make it to a local hand-made artisan’s show called Make It!: The Handmade Revolution. It was exactly what Faith and I hoped for + MORE. The work these artists do is incredible and mind-blowingly beautiful. Check out their website and look at the artist’s websites. I wish I could have bought way more than I did… but with the lack of funds *cough**cough* at the moment – I had to be good.

We found it!

Two of my favourite things in one place! Lattes and Positive Reinforcement!

The one artist who blew us away was Amy Victoria Wakefield –> check out her facebook page and etsy site! I bought two shots that I am in absolute love with! I took photos of my prints to show you :)

With our beautiful finds we headed down the Drive and found a lovely place called Cafe Deux Soleils who supposedly have the best veggie burgers around – so we had to give them a try! They did not disappoint!

After we left full and happy we made our way down The Drive and stumbled upon this lovely work of art on the side of a building.

Just spreading the love people.

After that lovely day I came home and completed week three of Insanity! I’ve been seeing a lot about Insanity: The Asylum lately… and am pretty sure that after this round of Insanity, the asylum is going to be the next goal.

Am I crazy? Probably. But I LOVE it. :)

Night all!



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2 responses to “Driving Love

  1. Elyse Gregor

    HEY! The poster on the Latte truck! Do you remember hanging those by our desks at DND?! I still have mine on my calendar board :) One of my favorite works of motivational art! lol

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