Social Media Etiquette

Welcome to my idea of a “fun” Saturday morning.

I’ve been tweeting with a lot of social media and communications mavens lately and a topic that has really stuck with me is how social media has altered our abilities as a society to use manners. If you believe in practicing social etiquette, why has the introduction of social media into our lives altered our ability to be respectful, genuine and authentic when it comes to conversing with others?

I often feel like I always have to be connected and on the very top of my game at all times. As a communications person, my life is all about being professional, communicating perfectly and being one step ahead of the game when it comes to knowing current issues and events. You never know what random tidbit of knowledge could set you or your company apart from the rest. One common issue I keep stumbling upon is the fact that we now live in a “140-character universe,” and that our “language and standards of etiquette have deteriorated.” It’s true.

I constantly feel that realistically, in order to get ahead in your field you have to be better, different and know more than everyone else… which = OVERWHELMING.

Some days I sit back and find it hard to breathe because my mind is literally in twenty places at once. When it gets to this point I step back, breathe and start simplifying. One issue that has been on my mind constantly is how our mentality as a society is moving far away from center. No one knows how to just sit back and think about their life because if they do they could be missing out on that one important statistic, tweet or business deal that could put them ahead.

Is it all worth it?

Is forgetting your morals and social standards because you are too focused on getting ahead, really what you want to be known for? I think we have forgotten how important life balance is for our wellbeing and productivity. I’ve been reading articles about this concept for a while and cannot help but feel like I’m letting myself down by focusing on the wrong aspects of life. I don’t want to look back in 20 years and say “why did you constantly stress yourself out all the time and never take time to appreciate the tangible reality sitting right in front of you?” 

I must admit – I have no idea how to function without being socially connected… but I also realize that I need to find out how, and I’m learning more and more everyday.

In order to take back our ability to contemplate our own lives the first step is realizing how far we’ve ventured from our morals and beliefs. I’m noticing that people are becoming aware of the internal issue of time and priority management and are seeking an answer. I can’t give you that answer, but I’m going to keep searching, questioning and trying to live my life meaningfully.

Once I figure it out – you’ll be the first to know.

In the meantime… any ideas?



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2 responses to “Social Media Etiquette

  1. Janine

    Great post Amanda!! I spent three weeks out of the country in November and for obvious reasons such as roaming and ridiculous per-minute internet charges, I couldn’t stay “connected.” But you know what? It was the best three weeks of my life – I realized just how much time I wasted checking Facebook and Twitter and realized that *gasp* the world did indeed keep turning on its axis, even though I didn’t religiously check my news feed. At first I felt like I was missing out, but that soon subsided and I just had this amazingly FREEING feeling. There was no pressure to constantly manage my online presence. It was a relief! My days were filled with tons of fun activities – I felt like I was truly living my life out there in the world. Now I know going three weeks without cell phone/internet access might not be feasible, but honestly, just turn it all off and go a day – you’ll be amazed by how freeing it feels and how much more you can accomplish!!

    • Hey Janine!
      I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner I sometimes miss the posts when it is early in the morning for me haha.
      I wish I had the opportunity to do that… it’s sad that we feel as if we can’t ever just be free of communication devices! I’m glad you got to do it and now know how freeing it actually feels.
      I suppose I will have to find a way to do that some time soon… lol.

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