Making Social Media Personal

How is the week already half-over? I know I didn’t post everything I ate yesterday or today (it was all good I promise!) but I’ve been trying to prefect my resume, meet with people and apply to jobs. Basically going-going-going! I am happy to report I kicked my butt through Insanity 2.14 – Pure Cardio + Cardio Abs today with excellent endurance! :) I’m noticing HUGE improvements in my core and upper arms (trying to shed and tone is ridiculously hard work). I will post pictures when I hit the end of month one to show my results.

Breakfast for the past two mornings looked exactly like this:

This morning I decided to stay at home instead of venturing outside to a coffee shop. I was so tired for some reason it was hard to get focused. In the house we are staying in, as long as everyone is respectful,we basically have a free reign of the entire house! We have a kitchen, dinning room, library, basement, attic (with skylights!), outside atrium, patios galore and even a rooftop patio. Today I decided to go up and set up my laptop in the attic for a change of scenery and it was great :)

Once Faith and I started to get restless we decided to go out for a walk down to one of our favourite coffee shops – 49th Parallel :)

I worked on a cover letter and Faith read until we got hungry and ventured to Whole Foods! I can’t express how much I l-o-v-e the fact that we have Whole Foods in Vancouver! Everything is so clean, healthy and fresh! It was a dreary day today and I was in the mood for soup – so I headed straight for the fresh soup selections as soon as I got into the store. I decided on:

I decided on a cup of this soup with a fresh multi-grain roll – it hit the spot and was exactly what I was craving :)

We hit up the bulk section of Whole Foods before leaving – I needed raw oats and ended up getting some silvered almonds and a blueberry-flax granola (I cannot wait to use this as a topped on my oats tomorrow!). As per the rest of today’s food – I had a big ol’ protein shake after insanity with two ryvita crackers with PB&J before heading out to Blendz down the street with Faith for an earl grey tea misto :)

Now it’s time to wind down and call it a night. I have to venture out to Langley for a social media conference tomorrow morning, which = 1.5 hours on transit both ways!

Before I go, I just wanted to talk about a topic that really caught my eye today after reading a blog post by a new twitter follower – Hi Tyrell! He was blogging about “Your social media handshake” and discussing the fact that most businesses and people who use social media, only do so as a means of “collecting fans and followers.”

A simple handshake has the potential of making a big impact on someone’s impression of you – so how can you make the same kind of impression online? Since social media has taken made social interactions far more impersonal – people have forgotten what it means to be genuine and take the time to actually get to know someone. So, Tyrell talks about the “wow” factor when it comes to setting yourself apart from the rest – and honestly it’s as simple of reading someone’s web site or blog, seeing what they are all about and actually messaging them personally. We need to start realizing that we have got to build relationships through strategies that “create real engagement and relationships” online.

Remember: Quality over Quantity

So the next time you add someone to twitter or come across their blog – try actually engaging in social interaction instead of leveraging on “a new follower.” I am definitely going to be looking at ways to show my genuine personality via social interaction. If they can’t meet me in person – I might as well impress them the best way I know how – setting myself apart with positivity! :)

How do you think social interactions and introductions  have changed since the massive switch to online media? How do you keep your social interactions balanced?



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4 responses to “Making Social Media Personal

  1. Sarah

    Hey Amanda! I’ve been reading your blog everyday from good old Nova Scotia and I just want to say I love it! It’s so motivating and upbeat! Great work, and good luck with the job search!! : )

  2. Great post, Amanda! It sounds like you have a lot going on. I am in the same boat when it comes to finding great coffee shops to get work done! Always tend to be more productive!

    Thank you for mentioning me and my blog- I definitely am seeing the synergies between yours and mine! You have it figured out when it comes to social media :), are you looking to go down that line of work? I think you would do really well!

    Look forward to continuing to connect-

    • Thanks Tyrell!
      The way I see it is, people need to be provided with lots of different perspectives when it comes to communicating via social media – and I LOVED your point of view. I think the hardest part about evolving as a society with social media is finding that balance between face-to-face communication and pointless, contact-less messaging. I think social media is and has changed the way communication is sent and received and in turn how people as professionals are perceived. That being said – I’m interested in figuring out that fine balance and being able to help others find it too. I’m definitely going to keep following your opinions – who knows… maybe we will figure out a thing or two :)

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