Plyometric Cardio Circuit

There is no other way to explain it – This workout kicked my butt today!

Even though I’ve done this particular workout countless times (I’m on round #2 of Insanity for those who are just tuning in), I honestly thought I was going to b-a-r-f straight into the garbage can in my living room. I’m not sure if my body was a little off today (I think I might have to start limiting myself to one coffee a day… UGH), or if I’m starting to pick up the intensity – but whew I got my butt handed to me!

On a more positive note, I am here on the workout schedule:

Which means that in this round alone, I’ve already done the plyometric cardio circuit four times (including today) since I started… and I’m happy to report that I’m getting stronger and faster! I’ve noticed huge improvements since the first week with this workout and I’m able to actually get through the second interval of basketball jumps+ level 1 drills + ski abs + in and out abs! I think out of the entire workout regime – this combination of exercises kill me the very most!

Incase you are wondering – this workout in particular is just over 40 minutes long and is divided into 5 parts: warm up, stretch, 1st interval (consisting of 4 exercises done in 3 intervals), 2nd interval (ditto) and then the final stretch. It starts with a 10ish minute warm up that consists of 7 exercises that you do back to back for about 30 seconds each – then repeated two more times. By the end of the warm-up I’m already dripping sweat (I am a sweatttt-er when it comes to working out, so I don’t know if this is the norm for everyone by this point… but you honestly kick your butt just in the warm-up)!

You then get 30 seconds to wipe off + grab water + attempt to breathe normally – then you are thrown right into the first interval!

Educational Break!

So what is Interval Training might you ask? Interval training is a type of exercise that supercharges your fitness level and abilities, boots your metabolism and burns fat and calories at an incredible rate. According to Interval

Interval training is basically exercise which consists of activity at high intensity for a period of time, followed by low intensity exercise for a period of time. These ‘sets’ are repeated.

So basically, by using the concept of interval training you can achieve better results quicker and faster. I know you might be questioning if it works – and yes, I have honestly seen amazing results with interval training and belive it is the best way to increase your fitness and burn fat (stay tuned to see my review on HIIT interval training in the near future). 

Resume Plyometrics Review.

So after the first set of intervals you should be working really hard and feeling the burn – at this point I was kicking my butt hard. Once the second interval set started I already felt like I was going to puke and kept pushing harder to get the best out of the workout that I can! (I really like to push myself to the extreme every time I work out… otherwise what’s the point really?) The key is 1. not stopping and 2. remember to BREATHE <– This is what prevented me from throwing up!

Once it was over I definitely collapsed on the floor and chugged half a bottle of water before picking myself up to do the last 5 minute stretch. Even though it was INSANE it was totally worth it :) Watching my body change and noticing how much stronger I’m getting only makes me want to push harder every single day.

I hope this review will inspire you to do something today that makes you sweat! Remember – if I can do it – so can you!

What is your most dreaded – but most rewarding workout? Insanity or otherwise!


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