Working Out = Productivity

I love morning workouts!

I’ve noticed that when I work out in the morning I feel so much better and have higher productivity! I’m writing this as both advice for you and to keep myself accountable I feel 10,000 times better when I workout in the morning and have the rest of my day to do what I want! Whenever I’m feeling extremely lazy or very unmotivated I get my head in gear to work up a good sweat and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in all aspects of my life.

Things I’ve noticed about me when I work out in the AM:

  • I have a more productive day! I actually get more done and can focus on the tasks at hand when I work out first thing in the morning.
  • I’m less moody and more positive! Unless I work out in the morning, the fact that I haven’t worked out yet is always on my mind. I can’t get the fact that I have to make it home in time to workout.
  • I eat better! If I work out right away in the morning I tend to eat way better the entire day because I don’t want to ruin what I worked on achieving in the morning!
  • I stick to my fitness plan with ease! When I get my workout done in the morning I have less stress with scheduling it into my busy day.
  • It jump-starts your metabolism! This results in burning more calories throughout the day!

What time of the day do you get the best workout?

On that note – I’ve officially completed week 2 of my second round of Insanity! I feel great and considering I’ve got a next to nothing budget for fitness at the moment (know anyone who needs a social media/communications employee??) – Insanity actually gives me a better workout than what I’d get going to the gym! After my workout I made myself a protein + spinach + blueberry + plain non-fat yogurt + almond milk recovery shake and headed to the coffee shop!

I know this might sound cliché – but I honestly meet the nicest and coolest people at coffee shops! Upon sitting down and grabbing a wonderful large medium roast:

I started chatting with the person next to me and it turns out she’s a project manager (Hi Galya!) for a new social media community site called GetFriended. According to their about page:

GetFriended connects you with new people in your city by exchanging and bartering hobbies and services.

By creating a profile on GetFriended you become apart of the only social network that brings individuals together based on mutual interests, hobbies and exchange of services. Right now it’s based in the Vancouver area – but I don’t see what people in other areas can’t exchange online services as well! Take a look, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook! Who knows, this could be the next big thing people! 

Happy GetFriend-ing!

Dinner this evening consisted of: Spinach + carrots + cucumber + avocado topped with a quinoa & sweet potato burger grilled + left over tomato sauce!

Our lovely housemate Jenya made a delicious apple + strawberry cake (it’s 75% fruit so I didn’t feel that bad!) and it looked so delicious it would have been rude to not try a tiny slice.

After dinner we decided to do some work and watch some movies in the background. I’ve been trying to work on my blog + social media feeds while doing this blog post and looking up examples of functional resumes. surprisingly it’s been quite successful – thank you multi-tasking skills!

I found this really interested article called:Fourteen of the most important social media skills needed right now. I found the article on the blog of a strategic social media and PR agency called Comet. As I am looking to get as much experience in social media, I was researching exactly what kind of skills companies and agencies are looking for potential hires to have.

I learned A LOT – so if this kind of work applies to you I highly suggest this read – enjoy!

Time to get back to resume fixing and this movie! Night all!


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  1. Thanks Amanda for your mention of GetFriended, looking forward to your article answers :) Cheers Galya(*Pleasure GettingFriended with ya*)

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